November Spotlight | Polaris Hoodie

An opportunity to put some of PetLondon’s bestselling products under the spotlight and examine what makes them so special. This series will highlight one product each month.

New for Autumn/Winter 2015, the Polaris Hoodie is already becoming a firm favourite with our customers. Available in a dusky pink or a soft oatmeal and brown, the Polaris is made of a very simple herringbone patterned material. Each hoodie has a small and understated fleecy star on the back- which is how it earned its magical name! A single button can be fastened around the neck for a chic look, or left undone to give your dog a little more room.

Polaris 2

The same super soft cotton fleece used for the star has also been incorporated into the lining, hood and sleeves. This gives the hoodie long-lasting softness and a touch of stretch. Designed with premium comfort in mind, the cotton fleece is extremely high quality which is guaranteed to make your dog even more cuddly than normal! Another cosy design feature in the Polaris is the ribbed bottom. This little touch is found across the Puppia range, and helps make sure the sweater has a snug and secure fit.

As well as being soft, elegant and comfortable, the Polaris is functional. It is one of a few Puppia items that come with a leash hole. Nestled at the top of the jumper- just under the hood- the leash hole means you can easily slip it on over the top of a harness and clip your lead through the hole. This makes it the perfect everyday choice for walks outside, especially as the weather gets colder.

To complete the look, Puppia have also released two matching harnesses this season. The Witta Harness A follows their internationally loved Harness design- easy to pull over the head, the Witta puts no strain on your dog’s neck and has a comfortable and supportive fit. Available in the same neutral pink and brown colours as the Polaris hoodie, the Witta is made of a similar herringbone patterned material. Perfect for the cold London weather, the harness is edged with luxurious cotton fleece material which helps keep in the warmth.


Also available is the Witta Jacket Harness. The Jacket is made of the same elegant fabric and soft, cotton fleece trim. Popular with broad chested dogs, the Jacket does not need to be pulled over the head and is easy to step into and adjust.


Whichever style your pet prefers, the Witta looks very chic and smart paired with the cosy Polaris Hoodie- and of course there is a matching lead!


The Polaris range is available to buy online or in store today.

Brand Focus: LouisDog

In addition to our own products, PetLondon work with a select few other brands. We only work with the very best, and look for quality products from caring companies. Brand Focus is an opportunity for us to share the brands we stock with you, give you a little information about what makes them tick and pick out our favourite items from them. First up the most premium- super luxury brand LouisDog..


Describing itself as ‘one of the finest lines of apparel and accessories for all dogs and their owners’ LouisDog is the brand you go to when you want something extra special. Since they started in 2001 the company has become internationally loved for its elegant designs, exclusive fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by PetLondon, LouisDog is stocked in the very best boutiques and department stores in the country including Selfridges Pet Department.

Each season LouisDog surprises and delights its customers with carefully designed pieces that are perfect for spoiling your loved one! We have picked out a few of our favourite pieces from their latest collections, all are stylish, comfortable and designed to improve the life of your best friend.

As the weather gets colder, this luxurious Tweed Jacket has been a popular choice. Elegant and sophisticated, the jacket uses LouisDog exclusive ‘thinsulate’ technology to keep in warmth without making it too heavy. You have to feel it to believe it, and customers are always impressed with how lightweight the coat is compared to how snuggly and warm it keeps their dogs! Snap buttons make it easy to pop on or off, it is a perfect wearable coat for the winter.

Another favourite around the PetLondon Penthouse (especially with Poppy) is the Peekaboo House. A new update on the Peekaboo range from LouisDog, the Peekaboo bedroom is a light and cosy haven for your dog. The canopy is made from high quality linen, and the four pillars are covered with 100% organic cotton curtains. It is important to have somewhere in your home for your dog to escape to, a little hideaway for them to get some privacy and alone time. Great for puppies or adult dogs alike, the Peekaboo House will let them draw the curtains on the outside world!

A final pick we had to share with you is the Cardigan Warmer. Available in grey and pink, this is a great option to give your dog a little more warmth for walks underneath their coat or for around the house. The snuggly scarf makes it look ridiculously cute and chic, and the velcro fastening makes it super easy to slip on and off.

We love Louisdog, and we sure you will too!

Pampered Pooches and Pet Couture: The Rise of the Pet Industry in the UK

The UK has an astounding 65 million pets- and that number keeps on rising! Almost half of all households in the country now live with an animal, so it is no wonder PetLondon has been able to establish itself as such a well loved brand.

Black Dog

British consumers are potty for their animals, whilst spending in many areas has faltered in recent years, the amount Briton’s are spending on their pets has boomed. Estimates suggest the total spending on pets in the UK for 2015 is going to reach $7 billion by Christmas, which is a record high!


The humanization of pets is a significant factor behind this growth, as increasingly pets are viewed as members of the family. Thus leading to a greater demand for high quality pet products that they can indulge their furriest family member with! Also consumers are increasingly educated about their pet’s needs- short haired breeds for example struggle as temperatures drop in the UK during the winter, and so their owners are demanding quality clothing to keep them protected. Consumers are becoming more aware of these issues, and look to both pamper and protect their pets.

The future is bright for PetLondon- as we continue to grow and look after more and more of the country’s pets.


Latest Launch: Safety Christmas Sweaters!

This Christmas the UK’s 19 million pet owners are expected to spend a staggering £47million on gifts for their four legged friends! With this in mind PetLondon are excited to launch their Light Up Seasonal Sweaters for Christmas 2015. Suitable for dogs and cats, the sweaters come in a range of sizes from Chihuahua to Bulldog- so nobody needs to miss out!

Designed with your pet’s safety and wellbeing in mind, the Jumpers are full of twinkling lights that will keep them clearly illuminated in the dark winter nights. It would be hard to miss a pug bounding down the street twinkling with multicoloured lights on his back! They are also made of a super soft and snuggly fleece material to keep your dog warm. The hood has been specially designed to keep your pet cosy, and there is a clever harness hole on the back for you to attach your pet’s lead easily.


The perfect gift for dog owners, the hoodies have two iconic designs to choose from. A classic Christmas scene of Santa soaring across a starry night sky, and an adorable reindeer tangled up in Christmas tree lights.


PetLondon Model turns dogs green with envy

On the hunt for an extra special photo shoot, Glamour Magazine recently got in touch with the team at PetLondon Models. Italian Glamour had been working on a high fashion editorial shoot with a twist and soon PetLondon’s most famous faces were trotting across London to take part in this exciting all day shoot.

First on set was Parker the Toy Poodle. Parker has been in show business since he was a pup and didn’t bat an eyelid when he was plonked into the makeup chair and painted green (with a safe, washable dye)!


Parker was joined on set by Iraida the Afghan Hound, a seasoned professional and one of our most in demand models, she is certainly no stranger to the world of high fashion. Iraida has a stunning coat and is always happy to show this off with stunning results.


Sophie the Giant Apricot Poodle came along too. Sophie is one of PetLondon’s most glamorous model and a really fashionable diva so she was perfect for this editorial shoot. Sophie knows just how to strike a pose and her beautiful shade of fur complements diamonds oh so perfectly.


Also involved was Freddie the Lhaso Apso and his sibling. This stunning doggie duo both have gorgeous flowing locks that flow down to the floor. They travel everywhere together and are beautiful examples of the breed.


A few other exotic dogs took part- they all were treated like royalty by the photographer and human models- who all loved having them on set!



The shoot was a huge success, the resulting images were in Glamour Italia December Issue. Congratulations to everyone who took part.




The Basics: Teaching your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the first commands they should learn, it shouldn’t be too tricky and will help you build a foundation of good behaviour and control (which means you can get onto some of the more exciting advanced tricks and activities with your pup!).

We have two easy methods you can try to teach your dog, play around with both and find out which option works for you. With both of them remember to use the tone of your voice to teach. When your dog is sitting properly praise them in a high pitch tone. When your dog moves from position use a growling tone of voice to say ‘acck!’ and put them back into a sit.

Method 1

With your dog near to you, show them a yummy treat and hold it just above your their nose. Do keep it above the head so they have to reach up to sniff it.

As you hold it up, say the command ‘sit’, as they look up at it they should naturally get into the sit position.

When your dog sits, remember to praise them lots and give them the treat. This will reinforce the ‘sit’ command.



Method 2

If your dog gets too overexcited and doesn’t respond well to seeing the treat, put it in your pocket and try to shape your dogs sit.

Put one hand on your puppy’s chest (the bit where the chest and neck meet).

Say the sit command while you gently guide their chest slightly up and back. At the same time, let the other hand slide down your dog’s back tucking their hips down and under as you do so.

Again when your dog sits, remember to give them lots of praise and you can offer them the treat.



Good luck, and happy training!


Up on the rooftops overlooking Wigmore Street, the PetLondon team are tucked away. No two days here are ever the same, with furry visitors popping up to visit our showroom, the spontaneous and exciting modelling agency and of course our design team and product launches. Since we opened our doors in 2002, our little team of animal lovers have gone from strength to strength. Today we are industry leaders.

PetLondon’s team wouldn’t be the same without our mascot Poppy- Poppy is a rescued Yorkshire Terrier from Battersea. She is featured in the logo of the company and everything we sell is Poppy approved!

PetLondon is well known for its characters, cute animations of popular breeds each one has its own personality and can be found around the showroom.

This website is a place for us to share our thoughts, new products and exciting news with you lovely lot.

PetLondon Models Q&A

Dancing ponies, entrepreneurial meerkats and screaming goats; animal modelling is a booming business. PetLondon models is a leading UK animal modelling agency, and we have seen it all. We are inundated with queries and concerns from pet owners across the country who want their cat to be the next Tony Tiger. So, this week we took to Twitter to ask you for some of your burning questions for us to answer!

Has my ‘baby’ got what it takes to be a model? 

The top priority for any animal looking to break into the world of modelling is temperament. Is your dog/cat/rabbit…. going to enjoy it? They need to enjoy attention, and be comfortable around people. If your puppy is scared of men for example, they’re not going to cope on a shoot where there could be a men all over the place.

Once you’re sure your pet will enjoy modelling, you can think about skills. Unless they are under 5 months they are going to need to have the basics down. For a dog, they should be able to sit, stay, stand and lay down. Other animals might not be as advanced, but should still be able to stay and have a level of control.

How can I fit my career around my pet’s stardom? 

Your pet’s modelling career is unlikely to become a full time thing, but when opportunities do pop up, they tend to be mid-week and last minute. So unless you’re able to drop everything and tootle off with your pet to a shoot in the middle of the afternoon, pet modelling is not for you. When you get to the shoot it’s not a matter of dropping of Fido and cracking on with your day, you will need to be on hand on set for as long as your animal is there.

I want to give up my job and live a life of luxury, how much will my animal earn as a model?

Modelling is a nice additional income, and will help cover the costs of a few treats here and there, but it is probably not enough to live off! As with all modelling, the work is not always constant. Rates vary but are typically 30 an hour. However it’s a really fun thing to do with your pet, and you’ll get some amazing memories, photos and footage of your pet.

How do I land my first modelling shoot?

If you’re sure you and your animal have got what it takes, you need to be signed by a pet modelling agency, pop over to our website now to sign up! As soon as you’re registered clients can see you and we can put you forward for jobs. You will need a couple of photos and some details about your animal to fill in your portfolio.

How do I get a portfolio of images of my pet? 

Paying to get a professional in is not necessary. Once you’re signed up with PetLondon, we will give you a super detailed explanation of how to take professional looking shots of your animal. You do need to put some effort into these, as we have a lot of animals on our books for clients to go through- you want to make sure you stand out! Try to take photos inside and outside, making them bright and clear. Natural lighting is always better, and make sure you get a mix of full body and close ups. Videos are also amazing if you want to showcase any tricks.

Cat or dog?

Either! It’s a well known fact cats own the internet, but clients love dogs too. From bunnies to bearded dragons, all animals are welcome.

Head over to the PetLondon Models website now to learn more about what we do, and good luck!

Globe Trotting with your pup

Travelling with your pup may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. The key to success is preparation- as a wise old dog once said, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. So I have put my thinking hat on, and written a fool proof doggy suitcase list to help your trip run as smoothly as possible.

ID (and documentation): If you’re taking your dog out and about it’s always good to have an ID tag on them- and you could even make an extra ID with your holiday details on for while you’re away. Check what documentation you need for your pet before you travel, and carry it with you at all times.  The UK government have a lot of information up on their website to help you.

Harness: Our bestselling harness is now available with Cool Pup technology. Using lightweight and heat resistant SPF fabric with a cooling ice pack inside- that will keep your pup cool for up to 6 hours. Perfect for a sunny holiday!

Recent Photo: Every dog owners phone is full of pictures of their pup, print out a couple to keep with you in case your dog gets lost in an unfamiliar location.

Lead: Why not bring a spare too- you don’t know how far away you might be to a pet store if your lead goes missing.

Bedding: Bringing bedding from home that smells familiar is an excellent way to keep dogs calm during travelling and when they first arrive in a new location. A blanket that smells like home can be easily squashed up and carried with you for the journey.

Jacket: If you’re travelling to somewhere nippy bring a jacket with you- especially for thin or short-haired breeds like whippets or greyhounds.

Towels: Nobody wants wet fur all over the place when you’re a visitor, or to ruin guest towels with your pups muddy paws! Having a designated dog towel will help keep you in everyones good books.

Old Sheet: Easy to stuff in the bottom of your bag, you can use an old sheet to cover furniture or carpet, this is especially handy if you’re going to a hotel. Keep that cleaning to a minimum.

Lint Roller: A must for any furry pet owners bag, keep that dog fur off your bikini!

Food: Dogs are prone to an upset tummy when they travel, and you could risk making it worse by changing their diet while you’re away. Keep it simple and pack enough of their regular food to last while you’re away.

Bowls: Our collapsible travel bowls are perfect for the summer, they fold down small enough to pop in your pocket. Great for on the go.

Plastic Mat: Super useful if your dog is a messy eater.

Poo Bags: In your suitcase, hand luggage, rucksack, purse and pocket. Stuff these bad boys everywhere.

First Aid Kit: You can pack up a few essentials and pop them in a bag to take with you, or to be extra safe invest in a Hi-Travel Pet First Aid Kit. With everything from tweezers to a foil blanket.

Sun Screen: Our Luscious Locks 2-in-1 Aloe Vera and Tangerine Oil formula will detangle your dog’s coat and protect its sensitive skin from harmful UV rays all at the same time.

Life Jacket: Made of the same material as human life jackets, doggy life jackets will help keep your pup afloat in water. Our life jackets have a reflective stripe which will help you keep an eye on your dog in the water.

Let us know if you have any extra travel must haves for you and your dog- and Happy Travels!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

It has been over a year since London’s first ever cat cafe opened, despite being over the moon with excitement when it first opened I have only just got a chance to pop in!

There are twelve cats at Lady Dinah’s, all beautifully looked after. This is not a place to come and bother cats, but a little oasis of furry calm in the middle of London. The cats were all very chilled, especially Wookie who I had the pleasure of cuddling up to mid-tea.

Although there are walk-ins allowed, I would recommend booking to make sure you get a spot (especially if there are more than three of you wanting to go).

I treated myself to a High Tea, and although I was there for the cats I was definitely more than happy to stay for the food. It was top notch!