Follow the Yellow Paw-print road

The world renowned London Book Fair 2017 took place earlier this month.  The arena was set for Korra‘s first appearance as a look-a-like for the world’s most famous dog… Toto! Written by the masterful storyteller Michael Morpurgo, Toto – The Dog-gone amazing story of the Wizard of Oz vividly retells the classic narrative from the perspective of Toto the dog. The intelligent and energetic Korra,  the Cairn Terrier was  chosen to be part of the amazing launch event.

The likeness is uncanny between Korra and Angus, who stared as iconic Toto in the classic 1939 film musical.  They are twins in many different ways, especially the eyes! The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest of the terrier breeds, originating in the Scottish Highlands and recognized as one of Scotland’s earliest working dogs. Nowadays these dogs are very rare, especially in London, so PetLondon Models was very lucky to have found Korra.

Korra and Lisa her owner, visited PetLondon a week or so before the London Book Fair to have a trial run for the big day itself. Korra, from the moment she entered took everything in her stride. Instantaneously, every single person fell in love with her at our offices. Her inquisitive nature had her sniffing around the showroom like an hyperactive kid in a candy shop.


Korra in Munckin Land

Korra’s Mum was quick to demonstrate how incredibly well trained and intelligent Korra was; her penchant for veggie dog treats was a sight to behold. For a dog so small she could leap three and a half feet up into the air without breaking a sweat. We need her exercise regime pronto!

Various tricks were performed at ease including the crowd favourite. A simple ‘Bye Bye’ command spoken by Lisa, Korra jumped onto her back legs, stood up straight and with extraordinarily skill waved her paws in a goodbye fashion. It was SO CUTE!

We took Korra and Lisa, downstairs to our in in-house studio set, where we had set up a special basket for the star to sit in. After only a couple of attempts and a handful of treats later we managed to snap this delightful shot. It captures her personality completely.


In-house studio shot

On the day itself, Korra’s first assignment was to follow the yellow brick road, for a heart warming shot with Michael Morpurgo himself. Her delightful personality charmed everyone in sight; learning within minutes some new tricks for the promotional shots. This amazing set was spectacular with the technicolour rainbow, the iconic yellow brick road and the Wicked Witch of the Wests’ red high heels.


Michael & Korro on the Yellow Brick Road Together. Credit:

In the image below is Emma Chichester-Clark’s illustration of Toto. Famously a dog-owner with an illustrative blog about her own Plum Dog she brings amazing, lush colour illustrations to the book, conjuring this vivid story to life.

This amazingly talented dog excelled in her duties as a faithful companion to Michael on the big day full of adventure, akin to Dorothy and Toto themselves. During the event Korra’s playful and attentive attitude entertained the press and guests whilst they waited to speak to Michael.

After a hard day’s work the terrier curled up under a desk dreaming of the road to stardom. These were definitely  somewhere over the rainbow, way up high and the dreams that she dreamed of once in a lullaby.



Top tips for pooch hygiene – even your pooch can be spring cleaned!

If there is one thing we know about dogs, its that they love to get messy. Constant exposure to the elements however can leave a build up of dirt on your beloved canine. Here at PetLondon HQ, we have some great tips on how to keep your pooch clean and healthy, even if they insist on playing in dirt every day!

It is important to wash your dog regularly! Ideally, introduce your dog to bathing from as early an age as possible. We suggest that you bathe your pooch at least once a month using a specialized dog shampoo. If you wish to clean your dog more often than this its recommended that you just use water, as using dog shampoo too often might irritate your dogs skin. To make bath-time less of an ordeal for you and your furry friend, its worth trying to make a positive association for your dog. For example, make sure that bath-time involves lots of their favorite treats and affection. A great tip is to practice letting your dog sit in the empty bathtub for a while, giving them a treat so that they associate being in the tub with treat time! You can then gradually add lukewarm water to ensure it is less of a shock to the system! When bathing your pooch, be sure to keep the ears, eyes and mouth dry, therefore its best to wash from the neck downwards. Ideally, a little cotton wool over the ear canal is perfect for keeping water out, but we understand some pooches absolutely won’t stand for that!



Here at PetLondon HQ we have some great recommendations for safe and effective dog shampoos. For example, one of our personal favorites is the Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo, available on our PetLondon website! Oatmeal based pet products are great for sensitive skin, and help to keep your pooch’s coat lovely and soft. When rinsing the dog shampoo or dog soap out, make sure that all of the product has been washed out. For a pooch with longer hair, perhaps opt for the Detangling Apricot Spray, a perfect product for helping to prevent matting of the hair after bath-time. This spray is great as you need only spray it directly on the knot, and then brush it through. It’s a good idea to also brush through your dog’s long hair before the bath to minimize the tangles.

The location of pooch bath-time is completely up to you. Small breeds can be bathed in sinks or purpose bought tubs, whereas larger breeds can be bathed, weather permitting, outdoors or in the bath. Its always good to use as many towels as you can spare when drying off your soggy hound, preferably one for the floor, one for your dog’s body and another to ensure the face and ears are bone dry. Pay special attention to drying your dog’s feet and paws so avoid any slips! After drying is the time to completely brush through your dog’s hair to avoid tangling, this grooming will also help you to bond with your pooch as it shows how much you care! When drying and grooming your pooch after bath-time, be sure to look out for any ticks or fleas.

Don’t forget the paws! Your pooch’s precious paws need taking care of too! Bath-time can be a great opportunity to carefully clip your dog’s nails. Guillotine clippers tend to work best.


When it comes to pooch hygiene, its not just all about the exterior! Your dog’s dental hygiene needs taking care of too! That’s where we, as devoted owners, have to help our furry friends out! The most important way of looking after your dog’s dental hygiene is to brush their teeth. The ideal doggy toothbrushes are those at a 45-degree angle, and with bristles on both sides to brush smaller and larger tooth surfaces, like our Double-Headed Dog Toothbrush.

In addition to brushing regularly, there are a range of products that can be utilized to maintain great canine dental hygiene. For example, Fresh Breath Drops, available on our website, are a wonderful way to keep your pooch’s breath consistently fresh. Suitable for dogs and cats, simply add three drops to your pet‘s water bowl, they’re also made with natural ingredients!



Keeping your pooch clean is all about ensuring that doggy hygiene is part of your routine. Factor in even just an hour a week to give your dog a good pamper session! Bath-time for your pooch may seem like a recipe for disaster, but if you start early and get them used to it, your squeaky clean pooch will thank you in the long run!

Sony’s Super Slow-mo Shoot for the Xperia XZ Premium

Sony having been impressed with our work previously, contacted PetLondon Models once again to find some animal models to feature in a super slow motion advert for the release of their flagship Xperia XZ Pro. We were excited to be part of the world’s first super slow motion video in smartphone. To demonstrate the serious slow motion video capturing prowess of the phone, Sony required five different animals for the advert as each model was to be captured in ground-breaking  rich 4K high-definition detail.



Impressively the advert was filmed using the Xperia XZ Premium itself. The USP for this product is that it incorporates the best of Sony TV technologies delivered in a smartphone. A super-vivid and sharp display, right in the palm of your hand. The 4K Ultra HD display, this 5.5” smartphone packs in four times the resolution of Full HD for an unrivalled viewing experience. We were so impressed we got one for use in the office.

In order to capture the various spectacles and to demonstrate the versatility of the Xperia, Sony requested a variety of animals, to work collaboratively, something a bit more unusual.  Two dogs, two cats & a hare, were finalised as the models.

Loly, Chow Chow – The unique ‘fluffy lion-dog’s’ quiet and loyal temperament  allowed for an amazingly impressive cute slow mo head ruffling on her super furry head. The Chow Chow is one of the few existing dogs breeds still around today and are known for their fierce loyalty to families.

Gunner, Spaniel – The recent star of Nissan’s Dog friendly concept car is always very energetic, with  the bountiful leap and impressive toy catching skills  captured in all its glory. Always performing right on cue, she is becoming a client favourite.


Lennard, Burmese – Colourpoint kitten with piercing blue eyes was very laid-back on the shoot, but very energetic & expressive when leaping across set. The breed are said to have a number of overtly puppy-like characteristics, forming strong bonds with their owners and gravitating toward human activity.

Caiomhe, Main Coone – super playful and vocal, with impressive acrobatics of swiping the toy while stretching on her back legs. In the 17th and 18th centuries, domestic cats brought over on ships to the newly discovered Americas and faced very severe winters in Mane, USA, where only the strongest and most adaptable cats survived.The Maine Coon developed outdoors into a large, rugged cat with a water-resistant, thick, longhair coat with a hardy yet playful and expressive constitution.


Topaz, Hare, the docile and dog like star, who loves cuddles by resting front legs on anyone who will give her attention. Nicole her owner has hand reared her from birth, with a family of other hares and bunny rabbits. She’s the mother hen of the group ensuring each animal is tucked away safely at night.





The shoot took place on Kennington Road in South East London, the staggered arrivals of each model during the day of filming ensured a smooth and successful day of filming.  The day had no hiccups with each  modelling performing flawlessly on set.

The advert has been captured on the phone itself, and it looks incredible. We’ve got one in the office to use for all our promotional materials! Well done everyone involved, especially the animal models. A truly spectacular result, watch below for the final result.


Work out with your pooch this spring! Mans best friend makes the best exercise buddy!

Spring has officially sprung in London, which means its time to get fit and ready for summer!


We are on a health kick here at PetLondon HQ, and have been taking inspiration from the latest health trend to hit America, working out with your dog! We want to share the best ways to exercise with your pooch in the city, because having a canine workout buddy means you can work on getting fit whilst also keeping your pooch active, healthy and entertained!

One of the simplest ways in which you can exercise with your pooch is to take them jogging. The best way to do this is to do what has been referred to as ‘interval jogging’. This is a great workout to do with your pooch, as you and your pooch can chop and change from leisurely stroll, to brisk walk, to jogging. Your dog will love this supercharged dog walk! Having your pooch alongside you will serve as a great motivation and it’s a great twist on the usual daily dog walk. Let your dog canter alongside you as you run, and then trot as you briskly walk. Mixing up the speeds will stimulate your pooch, and serves as great cardio for humans!

Even a visit to the park with your pooch can be a great opportunity to exercise with your dog by doing activities together, such as playing frisbee or catch. Repetitive throwing actions are a great form of exercise for your upper body and arms, and it goes without saying that dogs love to play fetch! To make playing fetch a workout for humans too, instead of watching your dog, race them after throwing the toy/stick and see whether you or your furry workout buddy retrieve it first.


If you feel like you would need some additional motivation working out in the park with your dog, and would rather be part of a group, then why not join one of the more unusual fitness groups, Barking Fit! Brainchild of Georgina Jackson-Sytner, Barking Fit allows you to work out with other dog owners and their dogs. Costing only £10 a session, this outdoor fitness class held in leafy Battersea Park describes itself as, ‘a constantly moving outdoor group fitness class where dog owners get a work out and their dogs get a run.’The Barking Fit class of humans and canines gather at 10am every Thursday – meeting at the iconic Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park. As well as providing a broken down work out session, which focuses on cardio, gluts exercises and abs, this is a great class for meeting new people and bonding with your pooch. Your dog might even make some new furry friends!


For a more relaxed and creative fitness activity to do with your pooch, think about trying out the latest trend, Doga! This is doggy friendly yoga, where your pooch can join you whilst you practice your postures. Yoga has a plethora of benefits, and your pooch will appreciate being brought along! A great place to practice this is with the leading pioneer in Doga, Mahny Djahanguiri, who holds classes in Camden. Mahny firmly believes that practicing Doga with your dog can deepen the bond between owner and their pooch. There are even private ‘Paw-2-Paw’ sessions, which provide a more tailored yoga therapy experience for you and your furry yoga buddy. It is easy to see the benefits of merging yoga with spending quality time with your pooch; yoga is primarily about relaxing and focusing on core breathing, and this in turn can remove the controlling emotions we often develop with our pets, and can replace this with a refreshingly natural and equal bond. Combine the all important meditation and human yoga postures with one of Mahny’s canine massages for your dog and your pooch is bound to be eager to return!


City life can be hectic, and we understand that often a home workout is all that can be squeezed in to a busy schedule! A great way to include your pooch in your home workout is by using one of their toys or a treat whilst doing your exercises. You and your pooch can work out at home by merging a game of fetch with your abdominal workout. Begin by doing some sit-ups whilst holding your pooch’s favorite toy, and when you sit-up pretend to throw the toy, so that your dog will race to retrieve it. Of course, every few reps be sure to actually throw the toy! Your dog will be thoroughly entertained and go wild, and you will be getting a great work out.

It can’t be denied that dogs make the best workout buddies. They won’t ever cancel on you, and their unbridled excitement to be out and about is brilliant motivation.



River Island’s New Dog Collection 2017 – Featuring Suki & Jeff

River Island’s triumphant move last year into the dog apparel  & accessories stunned the fashion industry. On the back of this success, RI is launching their new 2017 collection for pets and asked PetLondon Models once again for our animals to model their new clothing range for the promotional photoshoot.


This time the client wanted to find two new talents to model this brand new range. After much deliberation between models, the two lucky dogs to be chosen to part of this new range were Suki the gorgeous slender Lurcher, the adorable orange fluff ball that is Jeff, the Cottonoodle (half Poodle & half Coton de Tulear).

Suki is used to being in front of the camera. She is an experienced model having worked with fashion houses such as Harvey Nichols over the years. New hotshot heart-throb Jeff has also secured a succession of jobs in recent times, forhouseholds names such Next. Both the dog stars were in their element posing for the camera for this innovative fashioned focused range, and loved being the centre of attention during the shoot.

The animal models had a chance to play with toys for the camera-what could be more fun as a job! They also tried on some of the ready-to-wear pieces from the new range and took their turns at striking a pose. Jeff nailed the over the shoulder look and Suki was a pro at the seated beg.


Jeff Models the Rose Bomber Jacket and Suki Models the Stripy Tee and Khaki Bomber Jacket

The exclusive River Island Pet Collection features: khaki green bomber jacket, a rose pink bomber jacket and an NYC three tone cotton hoody. Also included is a blue collapsible travel bowl, a pink bone shape durable waste bag holder and a pink flamingo plushy squeaky toy. 


Being a Supermodel, is thirsty work, Jeff tests out the River Island collapsible travel bowl

Part of the shoot took place in River Island’s Style Studio, that is located in the two flagship stores in London & Birmingham. The Style Studio is a complimentary personal styling service, which needs to be booked in advance.  Whether for a quick visit for a new outfit to look fetching this evening, or planning a whole new wardrobe, the wonderful Alice, Nadyia or Danielle, will be on hand to pick out a tail wagging combo for yourself and your canine companion.


The new dog RI  Collection for 2017 is available both online and in selected stores, including the flagship branch on Oxford Street, right around the corner from our No. 16 Wigmore Street showroom. Available in sizes: small, medium or large and perfect for summer escapades with your pooch. The previous collection received national media attention, with a huge social media buzz surrounding it. The press and public have been eagerly awaiting the new range to be released.

Shop the collection on River Island’s website under RI Dog

Bertie Fernando Morgan HudGreat job Jeff & Suki you both performed outstandingly!





Boredom Busters, Ideas to Try at Home to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Make your pooch’s day by creating a fun doggy scavenger hunt!


We understand that it is sometimes difficult to always keep your dog entertained, especially when living in a city! With Easter just around the corner, what better way to entertain your dog than an indoor scavenger hunt? Dogs are natural scavengers, so this fun game creates a challenge and plays on their instincts, allowing them to exercise their canine hunting skills, even when cooped up indoors!

Warm up by having your dog in sit-stay, and show him/her a healthy treat – our Coconut Chia Treats are full of chia seed goodness and work perfectly. Place the treat behind a chair and say ‘Find the treat’, or something similar and let your dog search for and retrieve their treat. Repeat as many times as necessary until your pooch gets the hang of it.


Once your dog has grasped the game, pretend to hide treats all around the room, but in fact only hide one or two. Keep it simple for the first few times. After a while you can make things more advanced by hiding the treats in empty boxes or wrapping them in a doggy blanket to mask the smell. Empty herbal tea boxes or toilet rolls work well for this. As well as providing entertainment on a rainy day, this indoor scavenger hunt allows you to practice your commands with your furry friend. Add an extra level of fun to the game by incorporating some toys! Filling one of our Mojo Flavoured Treat Balls with a tasty treat and hiding it will create even more of a challenge once your dog sniffs it out! The oblong shape of the toy creates a random and unpredictable bounce that is sure to keep your pooch entertained for hours, with the added bonus of cleaning their teeth and maintaining their dental hygiene!

Simply begin the game with your chosen command and let your dog scour the room for the prizes. Be sure to praise your happy pooch when they find them! Happy scavenging!



The ‘Pawfect’ New Nissan Concept Car For Dogs

PetLondon Models was tasked to find three models for a day’s filming for  Nissan’s new dog-friendly concept car, the X-Trail 4Dogs. The innovative crossover vehicle has a bespoke boot space with an impressive array of features for the ultimate adventure with the family, especially those with canine companions.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs: cool matching dog motive on boot and keys

After an impressive auditions, three dogs were successful: Gunner the Spaniel, Gizmo the Pug, and Hunter the Saint Bernard.


Hunter the gentle giant, who loves cars and traveling to see new places and meet new people was naturally suited for the assignment; he definitely did a better road test than Jeremy Clarkson could have done.  Gunner, lives with two cats and many guinea pigs at home, and his bouncy and infectious personality, made him ideally suited to befriending the other pets. Similarly, Gizmo’s, an experienced model, who’s worked on numerous campaigns was cool, calm and collected as always. His warm and friendly temperament was a welcome addition to the team.

The premise for this exciting concept for Nissan X-Trail,  was research undertaken by Nissan that determined that 99% of dog owners considers their pet to be part of the family and use their car to transport their dog, and that a new car which boasts more dog friendly features would be perfect.  The crossover’s luggage compartment has been turned into a dog haven, with a variety of new side compartments for storage doggy accessories, a completely wipe-clean leather and more innovative  features benefitting both the dog or owner.


First on the list, is a 360 degree pull out shower, to wash off mud and dirt after muddy stomps in the woods, then the fur can be dried with jets of hot air from the dog dryer. For ease of access and to keep mud of the owner, there is a slide-away ramp which folds directly into a space in the boot. When your dogs are settled inside, they can enjoy  a luxurious bed, a drink from the no-spill water bowl and a snack from the smart dog treat dispenser.


Nissan has thought of everything with a clip-on harness hook and an innovative ‘dog-cam’ technology which uses Nissan’s infotainment system, allowing owner and pet to see each other, whilst keeping your dog calm via an audio link.


Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we like to call a NDA in the business; we cannot go behind the scenes for this project. We can tell you that it was a very successful and enjoyable day filming for all those involved. We would love to know what your thoughts are regarding the X-Trail 4Dogs. We fell in love with the concept as anything that promotes dogs are parts of the family we endorse here at PetLondon Models.

Check out the video below to see all of the features in action. The shower is worth its weight in gold after all that muck from the lakeside adventures!

Head over to to check out all of our models and our previous work. We consider all range of exotic and domestic models to be on our books!