Exploring Central London with Your Dog: A Comprehensive Guide

London, the vibrant capital city of the United Kingdom, is not only a bustling metropolis for humans but also a fantastic destination for our beloved four-legged friends. Central London, in particular, offers a plethora of dog-friendly activities, ensuring that both you and your pup have a memorable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into a wide range of exciting things to do with your dog when visiting central London.

  1. Morning Strolls in Hyde Park:

Start your day with a leisurely stroll in Hyde Park, one of London’s most iconic green spaces. This expansive park offers a refreshing escape from the bustling city streets and provides plenty of opportunities for your pup to stretch their legs. Wander through the serene gardens, take in the stunning views of the Serpentine Lake, and let your furry friend explore the off-leash areas designated for dogs to socialize and play. Remember to respect park rules and keep your dog under control at all times.

Begin your day with a leisurely stroll through the peaceful pathways of Hyde Park, enjoying the tranquility and fresh air. The park offers designated areas where dogs are allowed off-leash, providing ample space for your furry friend to run, romp, and socialize with other dogs. Watch as your pup’s tail wags with joy while exploring the wide-open spaces and stretching their legs.

Hyde Park provides plenty of grassy areas where you can unwind and enjoy a delightful breakfast picnic with your furry friend. Pack a picnic blanket, some tasty treats for both of you, and find a cozy spot beneath the shade of a tree. While you savor your meal, your pup can relax, play, or simply enjoy watching the world go by.

During the summer months, Hyde Park offers a designated paddling pool where dogs can cool off and have fun. The shallow pool allows them to wade, splash, and play, providing a refreshing respite from the heat. Your dog will love the opportunity to socialize with other water-loving pups and make new furry friends while enjoying a splash-filled adventure.

Hyde Park is a popular venue for various canine events and meetups throughout the year. Keep an eye on local pet-friendly event listings to participate in activities such as dog shows

  1. Brunch at Dog-Friendly Cafés:

London is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, and brunch has become a beloved tradition among locals and visitors alike. Fortunately, many eateries in the city warmly welcome our furry friends, allowing us to enjoy a delectable meal while sharing the experience with our beloved dogs. In this article, we will explore the joy of taking your dog to brunch in London, highlighting dog-friendly establishments and providing tips for a pleasant dining experience.

Treat yourself and your pup to a scrumptious brunch at one of the many dog-friendly cafés scattered throughout central London. These establishments go the extra mile to ensure a welcoming environment for both humans and dogs. Enjoy a delightful meal while your furry companion lounges beside you, basking in the friendly ambiance. Popular dog-friendly cafés include The Breakfast Club, Bluebird Café, and Megan’s, where you can savor delectable dishes and refreshing beverages.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free brunch experience, it’s advisable to plan ahead and make reservations, especially if you are visiting popular dog-friendly cafés. London’s brunch spots can get busy, particularly on weekends, so booking a table in advance will help secure a spot for you and your furry friend

Brunching at a dog-friendly café not only allows you to enjoy a delicious meal but also provides an opportunity for your dog to socialize and interact with other dogs and dog-loving patrons

  1. PetLondon: A Dog’s Wonderland on Wigmore Street:

No visit to central London is complete without a stop at PetLondon, the renowned pet boutique located at 16 Wigmore Street. Here, dogs are treated like royalty, and the store boasts an impressive array of top-quality products and services to cater to their every need. Step inside this canine paradise, and let your pup indulge in a shopping spree like no other. From stylish accessories and clothing to gourmet treats and interactive toys, PetLondon has it all. Your furry friend is sure to find something that will bring them endless joy and amusement.

  1. Exploring Historic Landmarks:

Central London is steeped in history, and exploring its iconic landmarks with your dog can be an enriching experience. While dogs may not be allowed inside some buildings, you can still admire the architectural marvels and capture memorable photos together. Take a stroll around Buckingham Palace, witness the changing of the guard, and marvel at the grandeur of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Explore the Tower of London’s exterior and its surrounding grounds, and soak in the fascinating history that engulfs these remarkable landmarks.

  1. Dog-Friendly Markets:

London is famous for its vibrant markets, and fortunately, many of them warmly welcome our furry companions. Head to the popular Borough Market, where you can browse through an enticing array of food stalls, artisanal products, and fresh produce. While exploring the market, keep your pup on a leash and be mindful of their comfort level in crowded spaces. Engage with friendly vendors, sample delicious treats, and enjoy the lively atmosphere with your four-legged friend by your side.

Camden Market, located in the vibrant borough of Camden in London, is renowned for its eclectic mix of shops, food stalls, and unique atmosphere. This bustling market is not only a hub for fashion, art, and delicious street food but also a welcoming destination for our furry friends. In this article, we will explore why Camden Market is a dog-friendly haven, where you and your canine companion can embark on a delightful adventure.

One of the highlights of Camden Market is its beautiful canalside location, providing scenic walks and outdoor spaces where you can stroll with your dog. The Regent’s Canal runs alongside the market, offering a picturesque route for leisurely walks. Enjoy the serenity of the water, watch the canal boats glide by, and appreciate the stunning views with your furry friend by your side. These canalside walks provide ample opportunities for exercise and exploration, creating a perfect setting for an adventure-filled day.

  1. Thames River Walks:

Take your pup on a leisurely walk along the scenic Thames River, offering breathtaking views and a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Several sections of the riverbank are dog-friendly, allowing your furry friend to explore the surroundings and enjoy some off-leash playtime. The South Bank offers picturesque vistas of iconic landmarks such as the London Eye,

Dog Friendly Guide to London’s Best Asian Restaurants

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? If you are a dog owner some of those tricky decisions have already been made for you with many London eateries not catering to our four legged friends and by extension…you as well!

PetLondon wants to bring you THE definitive list of pet-friendly restaurants across London. The capital is full of sumptuous establishments and exciting cuisine concepts ranging from hidden away traditional family restaurants to experimental fusion cafes with eye widening plates arriving at your table.

The leisure time we do have is precious and I think we can all agree we want to spend it with our dogs. So tuck into the best dog friendly dining experiences in fabulous settings across the capital; where good food and quality time with your pet pair so well together.

Ideal for local residents of Marylebone, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Soho, Chelsea and Covent Garden and those visiting central London, this list is for foodies looking for the best restaurants that are dog friendly in London.

Asian Cuisine is the first focus from PetLondon’s dog friendly restaurant guide. We will explore other types of food in separate blog articles. From expertly crafted Sushi to authentic Bangkok Paneang Curry this is the definitive list of quick lunch time bites to late night bowls of goodness.

Please note most of these establishments have full admission for your pets, however we do advise to please do call ahead, not only to reserve a spot, but as they do sometimes change their policies from time to time.

The number of Asian dog-friendly restaurants in the capital is growing with a host of high quality restaurments dotted across Central London.

First on the list is The Duck and Rice in Soho, is set in a copper tapped style pub, winner of Gold Chopsticks 2018 as the best Asian Restaurant in England. You can sit at any table in the upstairs bar area of this sleek and stylish establishment with your dog and it serves the same menu as in the main restaurant downstaits. This is refined Chinese food that takes your saturday night takeaway and turns into serious conversation point. Favourites include classic prawn sesame toast and their take on crispy shredded beef with deep caramel flavours complimented with a zing from fresh orange segments.  This venue is also top of our list because it includes several vegetarian choices such as Mock Duck and Mock Chicken that are oh so tasty! Alongside classic dim sum and steamed buns, the bar serves beer cocktails with our favourite being a take on the classic old fashioned mixed with cider.

We love that dogs are welcome at ALL tables upstairs and on any given evening you are likely to spot a few furry friends peeking out from some of the tables.

Kurobuta located both in Mayfair and Chelsea are Japanese restaurants in a tapas-style of eating; inspired in a street style setting. Steeped in the culture of izakaya, Japanese drinking dens where food is served; the restaurant takes this style as its main source of inspiration for its food. It is huge on flavours and grilling covering dishes in sumptuous sticky sauces and miso, the umami flavoured paste made from fermented soya beans. Notable dishes include: fresh podded broad beans in a crisp tempura batter with wasabi salt, black miso baked aubergine with candied walnuts and sancho pepper, japanese mushrooms with gorgonzola, pinenuts and lemon-miso dressing.

Small and medium dogs are welcome inside the restaurant, where they are served ice cold water in their own bowls. Lots of lip licking with the sumptuous selection on offer. Larger dogs can dine outside with their guests.

Oka located in Chelsea and Primrose Hill is a sushi restaurant with a pan-asian theme. Offering classic japanese sushi dishes such as the wellknown horomaki and uramaki inside-out rolls, alongside spectacular speciality rolls. Our favourites include the california inspired Dragon Rolls filled with prawn tempura, avocado and spicy mayo. Alongside these sumptuous treats are interesting twists on classic main dishes. These include: Marmite chicken – Crispy chicken stir-fried in a marmite & soy reduction, served on steamed rice with pak choy and an Trio mushrooms made with Shiitake, Oyster and Portobello mushrooms in a chilli garlic sauce served over steamed rice. All of this is with attentive service and reasonable prices.

The Primrose Hill branch located a stone’s throw from Primrose Hill park a prominent super dog friendly park in the heart of London. Four legged customers bound straight from the park gate and straight into the restaurant.

A Wong in Victoria is the first Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant with a lot of familiar sounding dishes but with a myriad of diverting twists. This is seen right out the gate with the humble prawn cracker. It is a single large piece, the size of a plate, and use to hold a tangle of finely knotted seaweed served with delicate pickles and smears of satay sauce. The silky Chengdu street tofu is more akin to custard which is served under a dressing of soy chilli, peanuts and preserved vegetable. In the evening a ‘Taste of China’ menu is available where each course is inspired by a specific region of China’s 14 international borders.

Crispy Fried French Beans with Chilli

The dog’s here are treated like royalty. We bow down to you Mr Wong!

For those looking for Thai cuisine, we can wholeheartedly recommend Suskan. Located on a cosy corner of a charming Chelsea street the restaurant is decorated with traditional Thai silk panels alongside their authentic food. Suksan has been designed to lend a relaxed atmosphere to your dining experience, seamlessly blending delicate Thai spices and flavours. This little-known place is a favourite with locals with a classic aray of Thai dishes, including soups and noodles with a great mix of seafood and veggie options. For those not looking to leave the house, the restaurant offers a takeaway service through Deliveroo.

We love how you will regularly see groups of dogs all chilling brought by their respective owners.

We hope you enjoyed the list and let us know how fantastic the food is! Leave a comment down below if you know of a little known dog friendly place you have visited and we can try to include it on our upcoming guides. We hope to create a whole host of recommendations for dog lovers that include classic British, Italian, and French restaurants; as well as our top dog friendly Afternoon Teas in the capital.

Pets on the go!

The summer sun is heating up, and trips to the beaches of Spain and mountains of Switzerland are calling your name. Or maybe just a trip to the farmers market! And no one appreciates a new adventure more than your pet! (Napping in the sun and looking cute all day can be exhausting!)

As you look to pack for your next trip, finding safe pet transportation is very important. Carriers should be sturdy, comfortable, and provide enough ventilation.
At PetLondon, we have four models that we feel are best for taking little dogs or cats on summer adventures. A Sherpa, Sling, backpack, and shoulder bag all guarantee a safe transport of your pet, however, they do have some key differences.

sherpaSHERPA: A Sherpa carrier is the original style of travel transport. Its boxy shape gives pets a little more space, and are approved by most major airlines. It can easily fit under most seats when flying. [We always advise checking with your individual airline] The bottom of the carrier includes a fuzzy mat, which can double as a bed. The Sherpa style carrier provides the convenience of two different entry ways- the top and the side. The addition of a side zippered-entry, allows pets to walk right in to the carrier. The top zippered-entry, allows for you to check on your pet during the journey, or let your pet pop their head out to take in the views. Some sherpa carriers can safely hold pets up to 10 kilograms.

mesh sling

SLING: The sling carrier also provides several benefits. A sling provides hands-free transport, which active owners can appreciate, especially on hikes. The shape allows the carrier to comfortably sit against your body. This is helpful if your animal has anxiety, because they can feel close to you, while still having a full view of their surroundings. Some sling models provide full-body mesh, perfect for carrying pets in the heat. The mesh creates lots of ventilation. The sling carriers are best for small dogs, cats, and rabbits.

backpack.jpgBACKPACK: Another way to go handsfree is with a backpack carrier. It offers great weather protection on rainy or windy days. Backpacks also allow for more storage over other carriers. If you are on the go, a pet backpack has pockets to store pet food, water, and toys. Pets up to six kilograms can participate in safe and comfortable backpack rides for the pet and owner.

shoulder.jpgSHOULDER BAG: For many women, a shoulder bag offers the comfort and familiarity of a purse. If you’re riding in the tube, or on a shopping trip, this is a discreet way to protect and carry your pet. Shoulder bags can come in different fabrics to match the season. Linen and cotton bags are the most popular summer materials. Like the backpack, shoulder bags also have built-in storage. This style of carrier is best for shy or relaxed pets that like to be comfortable and close to their owner.
An extra benefit of shoulder bags is that is comes with two strap options- a long adjustable shoulder strap, or short handles. It gives pet owners carrying options when in busy or crowded places.

Each of the four carrier options provide different benefits to different pet lifestyles. If you haven’t invested in a pet carrier, summer might be the perfect time to do so. It keeps paws off the hot payment, and allows owners to get on the move!

Socialisation & Dog Meet-ups

Socialisation refers generally to the process of teaching your dog how to function in the world. Encompassing everything from learning how to get along with humans and other animals, as well as facing new challenges and environments with the aim being to adapt in a calm and confident manner. All this leads to dogs living a less stressful and enjoyable life, promoting in turn a higher quality of living.

The key to raising a well-adjusted dog is to start early! Puppies like children, are able to absorb a whole host of information during their early formative years. Learning about the world around them is a huge part of their development. Although it is not possible to introduce your puppy to every possible meet up or social occasion; proper early socialisation will allow your dog to adapt faster to new circumstances throughout their lives. Even though the foundations of experiences and behaviours are established in the first few months of their lives, learning just like in the case of humans never ceases even during adulthood.



There are a variety of socialisations scenarios with the most important including:

  • Interaction with you, your family and other people
  • Interaction with other dogs and animals
  • Introduction and exposure to new experiences (walks on a leash, transport, whether car, bus or train, and loud day-to-day noises)
  • Introduction to ‘strange’ places such as other people’s homes, dog parks and vets
  • Being around children

The benefits are multifaceted with the principle aim of reducing fear in these difficult circumstances and being able to teach appropriate and inappropriate responses to stimuli in differing environments.


Owners are the most important person in each dog’s life and therefore they will be learning about the environment from yourself. Even though at times a difficult task, the rewards are endless, including knowing that you have raised a happy and well-rounded dog. Although each case is different, all pets can benefit from the following suggestions.

  • Start Slow & Be Patient. Noone can learn everything they need for the adult world in the first few weeks of their lives, let along the first few years. Overwhelming them, is bound to scare them and instil a sense of fear with particular environments. Small steps are key from walking in the garden, around the block, the park and then to a small playgroup. There will always be setbacks, but be patient and give lots of praise.
  • Get others involved in the socialisation process. Introducing your dog to people and other animals as early as possible is essential for all modern dog owners. Inviting people into your home to meet the dog is great as it sends signals that visitors are welcome. Having ‘role models’ of well socialised and behaved dogs is key so others can learn by example. Explain the expectations of your friends & families is of paramount importance as to reinforce the messages and lessons trying to be taught.
  • Positive Reinforcement. Always remember to reward and praise your dog when they exhibit positive behaviours, which will encourage them to do it more. As dogs read facial expressions, big smiles as well as enthusiastic and genuine praise is best. Dog crave attention and the respective positive reactions and rewards such as tickles or play time only reinforces the good behaviour. Remember that dogs enjoys pleasing you!


Socializing your dog with other dogs is a smart thing to do, even if you have no intention of owning multiple dogs at the same time. Dogs are very social creatures and sometimes just need to have the company of their own kind. It is such a joy to watch dogs interact and play with each other. However, if you have a dog who isn’t socialized, you and your dog could be missing out on great experiences.
Before joining the local dog park and thrusting Fido into the mix, start off by taking your dog for a walk with a friend and their dog that has, preferably, an easy-going temperament and that is known to act well with other dogs. Keeping the dogs on their leashes with firm control is important, especially at the initial meeting. Just give them time to sniff each other and make their introductions, and then begin walking them. Watch how they interact, and you may soon see a companionship forming.


If you join a dog park, it’s best to bring Fido when it isn’t too crowded. Ease your dog into the group, which might be a bit overwhelming at first. Go by your dog’s timetable. You have to read their cues to see when they are ready to interact with others, whether people or canines.

There are various places to find similarly minded people. Dog meet-up groups are a great place to interact with fellow dog lovers. They vary in size and location, but happen across the UK only a weekly basis. Have a look at http://www.meetup.com or find specific ones to your location or breed on social media sites such as Facebook. We’ve found a London Pugs Meets Here and also a Dog Party in Petersfield this weekend!

Properly socializing your pooch is a wonderful gift you can give your dog, your family, and yourself. It may take some time, but the benefits you reap will last a lifetime. It will make for a happier, healthier dog who is more enjoyable to be around and who is truly a member of your family. That is something all dogs want and deserve.


PetLondon visits the National Pet Show

Here at PetLondon we know how to do Sunday Funday properly. The National Pet Show was calling our name, so on Sunday we decided to visit the show which took place at the London Excel Centre on the weekend of the 6th and 7th May 2017.


For those who aren’t in the know; the National Pet Show is a bonanza for animal lovers of all ages. The show is jam-packed with of a range of activities and hundreds of stands for pet lovers. From facing painting & arts ‘n’ crafts in the kids zone, to the boutique  marketplace for those shopaholics; there was something for everyone.

The show was split into four main zones each with a focus and feel to them. The sheer size of the show, feels like each zone you enter into is like crossing into a different continent. The four zones were the: Dog Zone, Cat Zone, Small Furries Zone & Animal Zone.
Hidden away in the far corner of the show was the Super Theatre which hosted amazing spectacles such and captivating talks. Highlights included the Amazing Bird of Prey experience with Leigh Holmes featuring amazing acts with Owls, Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Vultures. We managed to catch Supervet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s Live Show where he talked about behind the scenes of Supervet on Channel 4 (just like we do on our blog) and the absolutely amazing stories he has from helping all sorts of animals over the years.

The dog zone featured a whole host of breed stands, where you could interact with dogs of all shapes and sizes and chat to the owners, many of which were associated with either breeders’ clubs or rescue charities. Everyone we spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and we chatted away for hours.

Over the day we photographed a vast array of the happy exhibitors; some of them posing for the camera perfectly whilst others wanted to get up close and personal. Two mini arenas were located within the dog zone: The School4Dogs and the Dog Activity Ring. School4Dogs had trainers and experts explain the training and requirements for dogs in a variety of circumstances, such as in the workplace, health and social care, and the show business. They also have shows explaining positive reinforcement and types of training for puppies to learn different commands and tricks. It’s all about progressing from one stage to the next, with lots of praise and treats as rewards!

We managed to see the end of the timed agility course which saw dogs zipping under, over, through and around tunnels, seesaws and posts. It was like a Mini Crufts that they called Scrufts (hehe!). The highlight of the Dog Activity Ring was the spectacular UK Disc Dog Associations show. It was amazing to see the Border Collie leaping through the air catching Frisbees, dancing through legs and leaping up onto the trainers’ back standing tall and proud. 

After a bite to eat, we wondered over to The Cat Zone where all the ‘Top Cats’ were on show. Here were a diverse range of domestic and exotic breeds from the classic British Shorthair to the playful Siamese. Many of them were rescue cats, and the exhibitors were more than welcome to share their stories, and provide insightful information into involving yourself into cat rescue and the benefits of such. At periodic times during the day, national level judges took time to explain to audiences how cats are judged at competitions. A fun fact is that it takes four shows within a year with at least ten cats being entered into a new category for a new colouring of a breed to enter the CCG. The presentations, and the Q&As were a bountiful fountain of information, with everything from cat communication to tips for cat grooming and care.

The small furries zone was a warren of activity. Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas running around in amazing complex play pens and runs. It made everyone walking through stop and look… there was so much going on! Little bunnies were running around in a jungle-gym like run with a large open air central area, connected on each side by tunnels, tubes, hidey holes and a container deep enough for some serious burrowing. All the super furries looked super happy and healthy… just like we want to see. Once again this was a menagerie of information, with specific talks for rats, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. It was amazing to see young children absorbed by the speakers and soaking up all the information on offer. All the talks that we saw were engaging, slick and up-to-date.   

Also on show was a charity which saved and rescued working hens from across the UK and a pen with a micro pig and Shetland pony, where farmers were educating the public and raising awareness for miniature animals’ welfare.  At PetLondon we are passionate about animal welfare so this was very encouraging and we were pleased the organisers were promoting such great causes.

Overall we had a lovely experience, enjoying and engaging with fellow animal lovers. It’s well worth a visit, especially for families considering to get a pet whether a small reptile or a big shaggy sheepdog. A top tip for our readers… tickets were slightly cheaper on Groupon! The National Pet Show took place in Birmingham and London this year. Head over to their website for more information regarding next year’s show!



Easter Bank-Holiday Explorers

As we flock from our offices to soak up some mid-day rays, ice lollies back on your weekly shopping list, and BBQ’s covers are dusted off it can only mean one thing…. The Great British Sunshine has arrived.

With the long Easter weekend upon us and sun promised May bank holidays, many dog owners, including us at PetLondon are taking these chances to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life to relax with a mini-weekend staycation. Whether you are tucked up in a tiny beachside cottage in the depths of Dorset, exploring an undiscovered trail through the Sherwood Forest or exploring a city from a converted factory studio from AirBnB; our brand range is perfect for those intrepid explorers out there.


Inspired by the concept of outdoor recreation, the brand new Puppia Life range combines premium quality functionality and hyper-durable textiles with their opulently sharp design to create a truly exclusive outdoor collection for dogs. This seasonal range reflects trends in consumer demands for a robust and practical outdoor wear for their dogs; where design and style is key.

Inspired by nautical influences, the Wilderness jacket is treated with industry standard waterproofing and features fully adjustable toggles on the hood and hem to ensure a great fit and dryness in all weather conditions. With integrated harness, reflective bands and a handy zipped pocket; dogs will be safe and warm whilst finding their sea legs or dashing through puddles.

Pom in Wilderness Jacket

The Trek Harness range adheres strictly to Puppia Life’s philosophy of safety, style, comfort and functionality with these harnesses being much stronger and more durable than competitors. These veterinarian approved harnesses, are fully waterproof, and are available in a five different shapes, A to E, to suit each dog’s individual requirements.  For instance Type E predicates ease of fitting the harness with its doubles buckles on each side, and Type C allows adjustment for a wider chested breeds, which typical vest harnesses lack.

Harness product

Type A Trek Harness

The colour coordinated Trek Leads provide superior durability as with the rest of the Puppia Life range has three different length settings for varying activities and life stages of your pet. The padded handle offers premium comfort for the owner.


Adjustable Matching Leads

Whatever activity you are doing, enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed), enjoy the company and make the most of it! 



Marauding around Marylebone – The Ultimate Doggy Day Out

Nestled in the heart of London, Marylebone’s village-like atmosphere is the perfect place for a day out with your dog. PetLondon has been part of this community for over ten years; our showroom is a true-to-life Aladdin’s cave for all your doggy needs. The area is bursting with a variety of dog friendly activities and we want to share all the hidden gems with you. This is the only guide you will need for the ultimate adventure with your canine companion.

Start off your morning exploring Marylebone High Street, it’s a haven for shopping, food and culture – a perfect blend of individuality and character rarely found in a city centre.  This unique vibrant high-street is warm and welcoming, with a plethora of boutiques to explore as you stroll down the pleasantly bustling avenue.  Most of the shops are super dog friendly, but the winner all round has to be Lululemon – it hands out dog treats! We love their store, not only for their excellent range of premium quality and chic sports wear but also their ‘amour-propre’ laid back manifesto to life. It’s our guilty pleasure to indulge in some new apparel for the morning run with the dog. 

John Lewis on Oxford St is an icon boosting the latest in shopping technology over six different floors. This beloved institution is now dog-friendly and we can highly recommend we give them a visit to shop to your hearts content.


After some well needed retail therapy, we implore you to grab a luscious coffee at Illy Cafe on Regent’s street, where the spacious seating outside is perfect to soak up some sunshine with your canine , and relax as the world goes by. Make sure to order their Cappuccino – it’s to die for! Don’t forget to visit us whilst walking up Wigmore Street. Our showroom is a paradise for dogs; we have a huge range of premium products, from grooming and garments to treats and toys. Just ring the buzzer of No.16,  we are on the fourth floor.


With a new harness or lead in hand, head over to Paddington Street Gardens, located just around the corner, it’s a total hidden gem. Opened in 1886 by HRH Princess Louise, these beautiful public gardens are perfect for dogs and owners of varying energy levels to stretch their legs. This lovely secluded spot located between Marylebone and Baker Street is popular with local residents. Park dwellers  always seem to be  spotted relaxing on the deckchairs which can be hired, and these gardens are the home for the annual Marylebone’s Summer Fayre which takes place in June each year.  If you are visiting of a weekend, be sure to explore the nearby Marylebone Farmers’ Market which is filled with scrumptious goods from across the country with both locals and food enthusiasts alike sampling the best the capital has to offer.


Whenever you fancy wander onwards to Il Baretto’s; their upstairs dining area is fully dog friendly. This lesser known spot is our hidden secret gem but we wanted to share this with you.  This restaurant is an ideal spot, to rest your feet and enjoy a spot of lunch. We have got to recommend fully their scrumptious Bufala pizza. It’s classically simple and authentic menu takes culinary influences from specialty dishes and regional produce of Italy. We can also recommend 31below the restaurant which offers fabulous small plates and sharers.

Afterwards you must spend the afternoon perusing the  five floors of fashion and lifestyle goods at the globally renowned Selfridges, which is known for being extremely dog friendly. Just remember your companion has to be under-arm or alongside you in a carry bag!


With so much to do, you consider staying a few nights in the area. For those visiting from near or far, we highly recommend The Langham. This prestigious and  iconic pet-friendly hotel has been praised by many for its excellent customer service for both owners and their pets and is ideally located to explore Marylebone. To top it off,  the glamorous Artesian  Bar has been dubbed the ‘World’s Best Bar’, winning  the coveted Drinks International Best Bar award for four years in a row.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for a dog friendly day in our beloved neighbourhood.  We are proud to call Marylebone our home, it’s definitely the picture-perfect place to explore all year round, with plenty of fantastic shops and spaces no matter what time of year.

Visit Us At DOGFEST!

DogFest is coming up! If you are unsure of what the festival is about, checkout their website here: http://dog-fest.co.uk


The DogFest event is Hosted by  by Channel 4’s Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick. A great day out for dogs and dog lovers, the show is sure to be full of fun things to do such as action activities, shopping, displays and loads of competitions and things you and your dog can take part in. There will be agility and even dog dancing! You can also speak to experts for advice about your pet.

REV12419On June 25th and 26th, PetLondon will be at DogFest in Windsor, UK’s summer festival for dogs. We will have a stand selling a range of our fantastic products. You can pick up some great bargains and special offers at the show as well as view some new exciting product launches.



PetLondon Models will also be present at DogFest, on the stand next door. They will be scouting the grounds for talented canines to join the UK’s Leading Pet Model Agency. Hopefuls can come onto the PetLondon booth (booth #272) for an exclusive 5-minute chance to show off their skills. The animals will participate in both still shots and film footage. After the show, PetLondon Models will select the top 50 most talented pups to join the agency with a complementary membership.




The lucky chosen dogs could become the Next Top Models for brands like Virgin, Mulberry, Vogue, Stella McCartney, Disney and so much more. This could be their chance to work with some famous British and Global brands. Owners won’t want to miss out on this FREE and exclusive opportunity.


Picture1PetLondon Model Scouts will be especially looking out for qualities such as:

  • Rare and unusual breeds
  • Photogenic qualities
  • Unusual, or advanced skill sets
  • Family groups (i.e. family groups living within the same household)


Come along to our stand #272 and say hi!

For a chance to win 2 FREE tickets to visit us at DogFest, comment below and tell us a little bit about your beloved pets at home. Two winners will be chosen. Each winner will receive a pair of FREE tickets to DogFest. Winners will be chosen at random. Good Luck!

Pet Friendly Florida

More and More pets now than ever are now joining their parents on family vacations these days. Travel to and from the UK is not easy but if you have a small dog and are willing to travel via France then getting to America with your animal in the cabin with you is possible.

Poppy our founding dog and mascot in the PetLondon logo is fortunate to have spent much time in Florida where her Daddy is from and would like to share with you some of her top tips for vacationing with your pet in this sunny paradise. Here are a selection of her top five favourite things about spending time in the Sunshine State.

  1. Dog Strollers are the Norm and Dogs are Welcome to Shop

Chances are you will want to partake in some retail therapy during your trip. Our top recommendation is the Town Centre Mall in Boca Raton. Its never too crowded and has a good selection of shops. One thing you will quickly notice if you visit any mall in Florida is that if you take a second look at all those strollers rolling past you, probably about 75% of them will contain not the usual two-legged infants but some very adorable four-legged friends. It seems the general policy is that so long as the pet is being carried or is in a stroller then they are very welcome in the shops.



Over the years, Poppy has owned a selection of strollers and here she is in her three-wheeler. The nice thing for Poppy is she can see where she is going, interact with people and then when she has had enough, there is plenty of room to curl up and go to sleep in peace and in her own private space. Its also got a handy storage space underneath to hold all the shopping and even a cup holder for your cappuccino!

Whilst strollers can of course be used in any country, if you have ever used one in the UK you are probably used to a lot of looks of surprise and shock. In the USA you will fit right in and be amongst many others using the same mode of transport for indoor shopping!

Here are a selection we saw on one shopping trip to Town Centre; A West Highland Terrier, A Cavalier King Charles and Maltese, all enjoying a day of shopping with their pet parents.

Another really useful item for shopping malls is a pet sling. If you are just quickly nipping in then this is fast and easy to use. We spotted this really cute little guy in Shaper Image. He seemed to be really chilled and is just “Hanging Out”!



2. Dog Beaches are a blast

One of Poppy’s true zen moments in life occur when she is on the beach. There is something about the feel of sand underneath her paws and the smell of the fresh ocean breeze that seems such a far cry from pounding the urban pavements of Marylebone. Poppy who is not much of an athlete usually, will happily run and frolic in the sand for hours or enjoys just digging in and inhaling the ocean breeze.

Dogs are not allowed on all beaches in Florida so you will need to do some research but most areas have a designated patch of beach that you can use at certain times of day. Be aware of one important thing though, you may need to purchase day permit to use the beach for a day or a weekend which can normally be done at an office right next to the space.


Poppy’s favourite spot is the Dog Beach in Boca Raton (Spanish River Park 3001 North Ocean Blvd., Between Lifeguard Towers 18 and 20). It is not as busy as you would expect and we practically had the place to ourselves on her last visit. The one thing you do need to be aware of though is that at certain times of year there can be jellyfish right by the waters edge. This is the last thing you want your dog to step on or touch, so check carefully before letting them off lead. The beach is very wide so you can easily stay above the tidal line if needed.

If your dog is the type that will enjoy a swim then stay safe and make sure you bring a dog life jacket with you too.

3. Dog Parks are a lot of fun

Florida is very pet friendly with special dog parks in most areas. A quick google search will help you to find your closest one. Normally there are separate areas for small dogs and larger breeds so that you can safely let them off the lead to interact with some new friends as long as they are well socialised.

scavopark 1.jpg

Our recommendation is the Joseph Scavo Park in Hallandale. It has recently been renovated. Its a nice place to enjoy the fabulous Florida weather and there are lots of activities to do including a fitness path and equipment for adults and a children’s playground.

There are always plenty of dogs around, especially at sunset and a very freindly community feel. Don’t forget your pick up bags, a water bowl (it can get very hot and you need to make sure your pet stays hydrated) and make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations before letting them interact with others.

4. Dog Menus are available

Another great thing about Florida is that the weather is so warm that you can dine outside at most places with your dog. Some restaurants even offer dog menus. Max’s Grill in Mizner Park is one of these places. You can select from a huge choice of dishes breakfast to dinner and a great brunch on Sundays.


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Your dog can choose from the Mizner Bark Menu, which ranges from a simple snack of some biscuits to a 8oz Filet Mignon.

When you are travelling its not always easy to prepare food for you dog, so this can come in especially handy.

You can also help your pup cool off on a hot day with a frozen peanut butter pupcake.

Poppy’s favourite is the “Chasing Chicken”.

Max’s Grill is located in Mizner Park, which is a nice place to stroll around for a few hours with shops, restaurants and a very luxurious movie theatre. It is always full of dogs so there will be plenty of new friends to meet.


5. Pet Products are everywhere

There are loads of pet product shops in Florida. You cannot drive more than a few blocks without coming across one. Whether its the mass chains like Pet Supermarket, grooming salons, dog health food shops or independent boutiques, you will find a great selection of items that are not available in the UK. Our top recommendation is the Dog Bar in South Beach.


Finally, we want to leave you with a serious HEALTH TIP! Florida struggles with Heartworms, something that is not commonly a problem or treated for in the UK. Any dog owner planning a vacation or trip to Florida with their pet should discuss Heatworm prevention with their veterinarian before the trip. Its very easy to handle with the correct preventative drops or tablets during your trip but something you need to be aware of.



Globe Trotting with your pup

Travelling with your pup may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. The key to success is preparation- as a wise old dog once said, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. So I have put my thinking hat on, and written a fool proof doggy suitcase list to help your trip run as smoothly as possible.

ID (and documentation): If you’re taking your dog out and about it’s always good to have an ID tag on them- and you could even make an extra ID with your holiday details on for while you’re away. Check what documentation you need for your pet before you travel, and carry it with you at all times.  The UK government have a lot of information up on their website to help you.

Harness: Our bestselling harness is now available with Cool Pup technology. Using lightweight and heat resistant SPF fabric with a cooling ice pack inside- that will keep your pup cool for up to 6 hours. Perfect for a sunny holiday!

Recent Photo: Every dog owners phone is full of pictures of their pup, print out a couple to keep with you in case your dog gets lost in an unfamiliar location.

Lead: Why not bring a spare too- you don’t know how far away you might be to a pet store if your lead goes missing.

Bedding: Bringing bedding from home that smells familiar is an excellent way to keep dogs calm during travelling and when they first arrive in a new location. A blanket that smells like home can be easily squashed up and carried with you for the journey.

Jacket: If you’re travelling to somewhere nippy bring a jacket with you- especially for thin or short-haired breeds like whippets or greyhounds.

Towels: Nobody wants wet fur all over the place when you’re a visitor, or to ruin guest towels with your pups muddy paws! Having a designated dog towel will help keep you in everyones good books.

Old Sheet: Easy to stuff in the bottom of your bag, you can use an old sheet to cover furniture or carpet, this is especially handy if you’re going to a hotel. Keep that cleaning to a minimum.

Lint Roller: A must for any furry pet owners bag, keep that dog fur off your bikini!

Food: Dogs are prone to an upset tummy when they travel, and you could risk making it worse by changing their diet while you’re away. Keep it simple and pack enough of their regular food to last while you’re away.

Bowls: Our collapsible travel bowls are perfect for the summer, they fold down small enough to pop in your pocket. Great for on the go.

Plastic Mat: Super useful if your dog is a messy eater.

Poo Bags: In your suitcase, hand luggage, rucksack, purse and pocket. Stuff these bad boys everywhere.

First Aid Kit: You can pack up a few essentials and pop them in a bag to take with you, or to be extra safe invest in a Hi-Travel Pet First Aid Kit. With everything from tweezers to a foil blanket.

Sun Screen: Our Luscious Locks 2-in-1 Aloe Vera and Tangerine Oil formula will detangle your dog’s coat and protect its sensitive skin from harmful UV rays all at the same time.

Life Jacket: Made of the same material as human life jackets, doggy life jackets will help keep your pup afloat in water. Our life jackets have a reflective stripe which will help you keep an eye on your dog in the water.

Let us know if you have any extra travel must haves for you and your dog- and Happy Travels!