Sunglass Style for Dogs

It may seem at first quite amusing, the thought of a dog in sunglasses! However, just as they can help humans there are ways in which they can help dogs….This can be to protect your dogs eyes from  wind, sand and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Summer in London, well it must be coming soon ?!? Let’s not give up hope.


Older dogs with eye conditions or age-related cataracts will especially benefit from improved vision outdoors on a sunny day if they are wearing sunglasses. Its also something to consider if your dog likes to ride on a bike or with their head out of a vehicle window because it provides some protection against blowing particles.


We have tried and tested many different models on our own office CEO, Poppy the Morkie. A frequent traveller to Florida and also a senior girl, makes her an excellent candidate for benefiting from some eye protection. She really seems to enjoy wearing them when its sunny, we think she can feel the effects. Poppy certainly seems to tolerate wearing them very well and there is a noticeable difference when she goes indoors that she knows it is time for them to come off.


Ever the Fashionista, Poppy co-ordinates hers with a hot pink, crystal embellished hair bow



The current model that we carry is available in pink and smoke We have found this model to be the best on the market. The design has really improved in the past few years from some of the original models and its now both very lightweight and very easy to fit. These dog sunglasses are designed especially for the shape of a dogs face to have a comfortable fit. They have a wider nose bridge, offer 100% UV protection and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. An adjustable strap goes underneath the dogs chin and around the back of their head. We *love* the added touch of the bone on each corner that acts as an adjustable touch and the pink shades have a tiny crystal heart in the corner as an added design detail.


An Added Bonus… you can take some SERIOUSLY CUTE Selfies!

Most dogs take very well to getting used to their sunglasses. They tend to appreciate the experience more when they can actually feel the benefit so use them for the first time outdoors when its actually sunny. It may feel a little weird for them the first couple of times but build up their usage gradually over time.

Other tips for safety in the sun include;

-Keep pets inside during the hottest part of the day, from 12-2pm

-Ensure they have access to a shaded area when outdoors

-Always have cool, fresh drinking water available

-If you are going to be in the sun for extended periods, think about a pet sunscreen for you dogs delicate areas like nose and ears. Even a dog with a dark black nose, can experience long term sun damage and loss of pigment on their nose through extended exposure.


Boden Summer Holidays

Boden is a British clothing retailer selling primarily online and by mail order and catalogue. It was founded by Jonnie Boden in 1991 as a mail-order business. The company sells in several countries, with websites for the UK, US, Germany, and Australia


The company designs bright, patterned clothes as well as casual basics. Its collections are made up of the Boden range for men and women, Johnnie B for older children and teenagers 9 – 16, Mini Boden for girls and boys aged 1 1/2–12, Baby Boden for newborns to three-year-olds and the maternity range; new collections are launched every spring and autumn, with further lines added in summer and winter.

The brief came in for a couple of lucky PetLondon Dog Models to star in their Spring/Summer  Campaign. At  PetLondon HQ we were given a  list of desired breeds and we set to work checking availability and putting forward a selection of animals for the client to choose from. The lucky chosen dogs were; Gizmo the Pug, Luna the Dalmation, Woody the Irish Terrier and Freddie the Parson Russell Terrier. They all headed of to a photographic studio in North Acton.

Upon arrival everyone got to meet the crew and it was clear that it was very fun summery “off on holidays” themed shoot. Our dogs were posing with their suitcases packed and their best summer gear to really get into the spirit!


Gizmo is Packed and Ready to set off on his Summer Hols!

Gizmo the Pug who certainly has his own summer wardrobe and accessories at home was straight on set and happy to pose getting packed up or relaxing on a deck chair. This charming and very photogenic pug always delivers on camera.

fred summer             fred1

Freddie, is a eight year old Parson Russell Terrier. He is very good at posing for photos and has good obedience skills and agility. An active and fun loving boy he is food and toy motivated and  fantastic with children and other dogs. With his very symmetrical facial markings he is a perfect model to photograph.


Luna has her hat & scarf and is clearly a seasoned traveller

Luna is a four year old Dalmatian. Luna is very experienced on set and in front of the camera, she is a delight to work with and a stunning example of the breed.

Wolfie for Boden

Wolfie takes his time to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses

Last but not least, Wolfie is a four year old Irish Terrier. He is very calm and excellent at fetching and recall. One of his favourite things to do is to play with a ball and roll around in the garden with children.

All the dogs and handlers involved on this shoot really enjoyed themselves. It was a fun day at the studio. They all performed excellently and were given a glowing review from the client. Well done everyone, we think the snaps are fabulous too!

The images from the shoot can currently be found on Boden’s media channels; online, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“We were totally impressed by all of the dogs and handlers you sent us- the shoot went so smoothly and we got all of the shots we wanted!” Quote from Client emailed after the shoot

Corgi Trio to Celebrate the Queen’s 90th

To celebrate the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, Vauxhall developed a special Astra this year to pay homage to the Her Royal Highness. It features some amazing added extras, including a retractable red carpet, specially designed corgi booster seat and unique decals.

In order show off the fantastic car to its full potential Vauxhall called on PetLondon Models to supply a group of Corgis for their photoshoot. We had the perfect brothers on the books for such a booking. Sebastian and Xavier are seasoned models who have attended many previous shoots and their new brother Edward had just joined the family recently. This happy trio were the perfect match to star in the royal Astra photoshoot


It was to be a very early start for the boys! They had to be ready at Buckingham Palace in the wee hours of the morning at 5am in order to avoid the hectic London traffic and tourists.

They arrived to find the very special Vauxhall car waiting for them. This unique vehicle had been fitted out to make sure Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgis would have everything they could ever need to be looked after in the royal manner.


It was a great shoot and the boys really enjoyed having the spotlight on them!

Full spec for the Royal Astra includes; ‘Corgis On Board’ sign displayed on rear windscreen, Corgi booster seat, Union Jack cushions, Retractable red carpet and ‘Liz & Phil’ front windscreen sun visor strip and the doggy Windscreen wiping waving hand.

The boys took part in various shots including sitting inside and outside of the fantastic vehicle. They loved all its features that were so perfect for their breed! They posed for some group shots and also had some solo appearances.


Her Majesty has been a Vauxhall owner for more than 50 years, with all her cars finished in Balmoral Green – a bespoke deep green colour not normally supplied by Vauxhall. ‘MYT 1’, Her Majesty the Queen’s 1961 PA Cresta Friary Estate was a personal favourite, serving the royal fleet and containing a number of interesting features like fishing rod holders built into the roof and a gun rack.


The Vauxhall Astra is an iconic Brit-built car which has been a fixture on our roads for over 35 years. With one in four Brits having owned or driven an Astra during their lives, the Astra can be considered a legendary part of the British car industry.