Prepare for those April showers! – This month’s must have Wilderness rain jacket will keep your pooch dry as a bone!


We all know how interchangeable spring weather can be, one minute there are beautiful blue skies the next the heavens are opening. Of course, no matter the weather, your pooch is always eager to get out and about. That’s why its important to be prepared for all weather conditions!


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.29.34 PM.png


At PetLondon HQ, we ensure our dog apparel is designed with practicality in mind, that’s why we are introducing the revolutionary Wilderness Rain-Harness-Coat. Taking inspiration from nautical clothing, we have developed a jacket that is suitable for extremely wet and windy conditions! Part harness, part raincoat, this Wilderness jacket is the perfect solution for heading out into rainy weather with your furry friend.

The Wilderness jacket is an innovative design. Treated with industry standard waterproofing to keep your pooch dry as a bone! It is important that waterproof items are close fitting, which is why we have included fully adjustable toggles on both the hood and the hem. The integrated harness it useful in that it means your pooch needs only one garment for rainy outdoor play. To ensure the utmost safety of your pooch, we have added reflective bands onto this premium quality jacket, handy if your pooch is out and about in a low visibility environment.


This is a jacket that is not only practical, but stylish too. The jacket draws inspiration from the current practical street wear trends, merging utility apparel with high end fashion. The Wilderness Rain-Harness-Coat looks sporty and fun, whilst providing unrivalled protection against the weather for your precious pooch. Available in the vibrant primary colors, scarlet red, royal blue and sunglow yellow, to suit any shade of fur. We are really excited about this jacket, because it is universally useful, for both the city dwelling pooch or those frolicking in the countryside.

Taking a closer look at the Wilderness jacket, it’s easy to see why this is a popular dog jacket at the moment. The small pocket on the back of the coat is convenient for storing spare waste-bags, change or treats. The zip is high quality, gliding up and down with complete ease – a tremendous benefit when in a hurry to fasten in cold and windy weather.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.08 PM.png                         Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.29 PM

Crucially, the outer waterproof jacket is lined with a soft mesh, much like high end sports wear. This is important for adding a breathable and comfortable quality to the jacket. The mesh lining works as a climate control mechanism for your pooch, by reducing moisture and increasing circulation. The holes in the mesh work to increase air flow between your pooch’s fur and the garment, maintaining separation between the fur and the coat – ensuring complete dryness by increasing the rate of evapotranspiration. This ultimately allows your pooch to maintain a consistent and comfortable body temperature whilst wearing the Wilderness-Rain-Harness-Coat.

In addition to the range of vibrant colors, this jacket is also available in a broad range of sizes, in order to cater for a perfect fit for smaller and larger breeds. The sizes start from Small through to XX Large. Why not pop into our PetLondon showroom with your pooch, where one of our experts can fit your dog in a Wilderness-Rain-Harness-Coat to suit their unique shape and coloring!






Work out with your pooch this spring! Mans best friend makes the best exercise buddy!

Spring has officially sprung in London, which means its time to get fit and ready for summer!


We are on a health kick here at PetLondon HQ, and have been taking inspiration from the latest health trend to hit America, working out with your dog! We want to share the best ways to exercise with your pooch in the city, because having a canine workout buddy means you can work on getting fit whilst also keeping your pooch active, healthy and entertained!

One of the simplest ways in which you can exercise with your pooch is to take them jogging. The best way to do this is to do what has been referred to as ‘interval jogging’. This is a great workout to do with your pooch, as you and your pooch can chop and change from leisurely stroll, to brisk walk, to jogging. Your dog will love this supercharged dog walk! Having your pooch alongside you will serve as a great motivation and it’s a great twist on the usual daily dog walk. Let your dog canter alongside you as you run, and then trot as you briskly walk. Mixing up the speeds will stimulate your pooch, and serves as great cardio for humans!

Even a visit to the park with your pooch can be a great opportunity to exercise with your dog by doing activities together, such as playing frisbee or catch. Repetitive throwing actions are a great form of exercise for your upper body and arms, and it goes without saying that dogs love to play fetch! To make playing fetch a workout for humans too, instead of watching your dog, race them after throwing the toy/stick and see whether you or your furry workout buddy retrieve it first.


If you feel like you would need some additional motivation working out in the park with your dog, and would rather be part of a group, then why not join one of the more unusual fitness groups, Barking Fit! Brainchild of Georgina Jackson-Sytner, Barking Fit allows you to work out with other dog owners and their dogs. Costing only £10 a session, this outdoor fitness class held in leafy Battersea Park describes itself as, ‘a constantly moving outdoor group fitness class where dog owners get a work out and their dogs get a run.’The Barking Fit class of humans and canines gather at 10am every Thursday – meeting at the iconic Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park. As well as providing a broken down work out session, which focuses on cardio, gluts exercises and abs, this is a great class for meeting new people and bonding with your pooch. Your dog might even make some new furry friends!


For a more relaxed and creative fitness activity to do with your pooch, think about trying out the latest trend, Doga! This is doggy friendly yoga, where your pooch can join you whilst you practice your postures. Yoga has a plethora of benefits, and your pooch will appreciate being brought along! A great place to practice this is with the leading pioneer in Doga, Mahny Djahanguiri, who holds classes in Camden. Mahny firmly believes that practicing Doga with your dog can deepen the bond between owner and their pooch. There are even private ‘Paw-2-Paw’ sessions, which provide a more tailored yoga therapy experience for you and your furry yoga buddy. It is easy to see the benefits of merging yoga with spending quality time with your pooch; yoga is primarily about relaxing and focusing on core breathing, and this in turn can remove the controlling emotions we often develop with our pets, and can replace this with a refreshingly natural and equal bond. Combine the all important meditation and human yoga postures with one of Mahny’s canine massages for your dog and your pooch is bound to be eager to return!


City life can be hectic, and we understand that often a home workout is all that can be squeezed in to a busy schedule! A great way to include your pooch in your home workout is by using one of their toys or a treat whilst doing your exercises. You and your pooch can work out at home by merging a game of fetch with your abdominal workout. Begin by doing some sit-ups whilst holding your pooch’s favorite toy, and when you sit-up pretend to throw the toy, so that your dog will race to retrieve it. Of course, every few reps be sure to actually throw the toy! Your dog will be thoroughly entertained and go wild, and you will be getting a great work out.

It can’t be denied that dogs make the best workout buddies. They won’t ever cancel on you, and their unbridled excitement to be out and about is brilliant motivation.



Dog Fashion Trends for the Summer!

It’s almost officially summer here in London. That means it’s time to catch up on hot summer trends of 2016. As Elle Magazine puts it, here are “key ways to wear neon without looking like a traffic cone.

PetLondon stays on top of seasonal trends. Our pet product lines are always updated to match current in-style fashion items for humans. This summer, neon will be a popular trendy fashion statement across the UK. We want to make sure your furry friends are hip for the summer.

PetLondon offers a variety of neon products that can be worn separately or coordinated. From harnesses, to hair bows, collars, and much more. We are confident these will be on trend for 2016 and perfect for your canine. These products are suitable for parks, vacations, and city walks. Wherever you go, passing dogs and owners will probably be super jealous of your pup.

The most recent accessories in our neon line are the Puppia Harnesses. This chic item comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most breeds of dog. No matter the occasion, your pooch will be looking picture perfect and fresh for the coming summer months.


Neon RiteFit Puppia Harness in pink, orange, green, and blue.

The Puppia Neon Harness II is a RiteFit style. This means that the harness does not need to pass over your dogs head. It can be buckled up around them. This suits breeds that dislike having anything pass over their hand and also dogs with large heads relative to the size of their neck. The other bonus of this style of harness is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted, so you can make the neckline bigger if needed. This may be needed for dogs who are normally hard to fit or are in between sizes. Sturdy metal Double D rings for safety on the back, so you can clip your lead around both. The Neck has Velcro and two buckles for an exact fit! The chest belt is adjustable and fastens with a sturdy plastic buckle. Matching leads are available. They are vibrant and full of fun vibes. The inside of the harness is lined with a thin layer of breathable padding keeping your pup comfortable in this summer heat.

If you don’t want a harness, we’ve got you covered! PetLondon also offers Neon Glitter Collars. These dog collars come in a variety of colors and sizes. From a vibrant yellow to a hot pink, these collars are sure to catch eyes in the streets. They’re also great for safety reasons, keeping your pet highly visible.


Neon Glitter Collar in blue, pink, orange, and yellow.


Easily adjustable and a comfortable fit, these collars will make your pup stand proud as they walk down the street.

You can’t have a collar without a leash. Don’t forget to grab yourself a matching Neon Lead.


Neon Lead in pink.


Neon Lead in green.

The Neon Leads come in a variety of colors and are super sturdy for both small and large dogs. Walks are good for people, but great for dogs. Make sure you keep your pup active this summer.

Accessorise your pooch! Now that your furry friend has a neon harness, collar, and lead, you’re going to want to make sure they are accessorised too. PetLondon carries a variety of accessories to beautify your canine. These Neon Hair Bows are fit for both male and female dogs.


Neon Hair Bow in pink, orange, yellow, and green.


Now that you have some ideas for your pooch, make sure you get out and start shopping today! You don’t want your pup behind on the latest trends. We have everything you need here at PetLondon. The showroom is open Monday – Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm and we are pet friendly. So bring your furry family. We love making new friends.

The rise of the Instadog!

It seems like no dog is without their own instagram account these days. Its a great way to show off your pet and to connect with other animal owners all around the globe. It is also terribly addictive and once you get started it can turn into a full time hobby. The more you understand how it all works the better you get at it, the more fans your dog gains and then the more you want their account to grow and grow. Sounds familiar? Well its all a lot of fun at the end of the day.

One of our best sellers, our iconic plush instadog toy is for the dog that has everything. The Instadog makes a great and quirky present as its design appeals to humans and dogs alike241-3003895-SM2_M.jpeg
This toy is perfect for the 21st Century pet who is trying to become #instafamous. The plush toy is made from a soft material your dog will love- and has a squeaker for added fun! Its the perfect size for them to carry around in their mouths and to snuggle up with a kind of pillow.

Just imagine the photo opportunities and the happy hash tagging moments! We have been so overwhelmed with fantastic tags of you and your pets enjoying their instadog that we wanted a place to show them off. Unfortunately there is not enough space for all of them but here are selection of our favourites.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The Instadog toy is available from qualified retailers (call for your nearest stockist) and online here

November Spotlight | Polaris Hoodie

An opportunity to put some of PetLondon’s bestselling products under the spotlight and examine what makes them so special. This series will highlight one product each month.

New for Autumn/Winter 2015, the Polaris Hoodie is already becoming a firm favourite with our customers. Available in a dusky pink or a soft oatmeal and brown, the Polaris is made of a very simple herringbone patterned material. Each hoodie has a small and understated fleecy star on the back- which is how it earned its magical name! A single button can be fastened around the neck for a chic look, or left undone to give your dog a little more room.

Polaris 2

The same super soft cotton fleece used for the star has also been incorporated into the lining, hood and sleeves. This gives the hoodie long-lasting softness and a touch of stretch. Designed with premium comfort in mind, the cotton fleece is extremely high quality which is guaranteed to make your dog even more cuddly than normal! Another cosy design feature in the Polaris is the ribbed bottom. This little touch is found across the Puppia range, and helps make sure the sweater has a snug and secure fit.

As well as being soft, elegant and comfortable, the Polaris is functional. It is one of a few Puppia items that come with a leash hole. Nestled at the top of the jumper- just under the hood- the leash hole means you can easily slip it on over the top of a harness and clip your lead through the hole. This makes it the perfect everyday choice for walks outside, especially as the weather gets colder.

To complete the look, Puppia have also released two matching harnesses this season. The Witta Harness A follows their internationally loved Harness design- easy to pull over the head, the Witta puts no strain on your dog’s neck and has a comfortable and supportive fit. Available in the same neutral pink and brown colours as the Polaris hoodie, the Witta is made of a similar herringbone patterned material. Perfect for the cold London weather, the harness is edged with luxurious cotton fleece material which helps keep in the warmth.


Also available is the Witta Jacket Harness. The Jacket is made of the same elegant fabric and soft, cotton fleece trim. Popular with broad chested dogs, the Jacket does not need to be pulled over the head and is easy to step into and adjust.


Whichever style your pet prefers, the Witta looks very chic and smart paired with the cosy Polaris Hoodie- and of course there is a matching lead!


The Polaris range is available to buy online or in store today.

Brand Focus: LouisDog

In addition to our own products, PetLondon work with a select few other brands. We only work with the very best, and look for quality products from caring companies. Brand Focus is an opportunity for us to share the brands we stock with you, give you a little information about what makes them tick and pick out our favourite items from them. First up the most premium- super luxury brand LouisDog..


Describing itself as ‘one of the finest lines of apparel and accessories for all dogs and their owners’ LouisDog is the brand you go to when you want something extra special. Since they started in 2001 the company has become internationally loved for its elegant designs, exclusive fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by PetLondon, LouisDog is stocked in the very best boutiques and department stores in the country including Selfridges Pet Department.

Each season LouisDog surprises and delights its customers with carefully designed pieces that are perfect for spoiling your loved one! We have picked out a few of our favourite pieces from their latest collections, all are stylish, comfortable and designed to improve the life of your best friend.

As the weather gets colder, this luxurious Tweed Jacket has been a popular choice. Elegant and sophisticated, the jacket uses LouisDog exclusive ‘thinsulate’ technology to keep in warmth without making it too heavy. You have to feel it to believe it, and customers are always impressed with how lightweight the coat is compared to how snuggly and warm it keeps their dogs! Snap buttons make it easy to pop on or off, it is a perfect wearable coat for the winter.

Another favourite around the PetLondon Penthouse (especially with Poppy) is the Peekaboo House. A new update on the Peekaboo range from LouisDog, the Peekaboo bedroom is a light and cosy haven for your dog. The canopy is made from high quality linen, and the four pillars are covered with 100% organic cotton curtains. It is important to have somewhere in your home for your dog to escape to, a little hideaway for them to get some privacy and alone time. Great for puppies or adult dogs alike, the Peekaboo House will let them draw the curtains on the outside world!

A final pick we had to share with you is the Cardigan Warmer. Available in grey and pink, this is a great option to give your dog a little more warmth for walks underneath their coat or for around the house. The snuggly scarf makes it look ridiculously cute and chic, and the velcro fastening makes it super easy to slip on and off.

We love Louisdog, and we sure you will too!

Pampered Pooches and Pet Couture: The Rise of the Pet Industry in the UK

The UK has an astounding 65 million pets- and that number keeps on rising! Almost half of all households in the country now live with an animal, so it is no wonder PetLondon has been able to establish itself as such a well loved brand.

Black Dog

British consumers are potty for their animals, whilst spending in many areas has faltered in recent years, the amount Briton’s are spending on their pets has boomed. Estimates suggest the total spending on pets in the UK for 2015 is going to reach $7 billion by Christmas, which is a record high!


The humanization of pets is a significant factor behind this growth, as increasingly pets are viewed as members of the family. Thus leading to a greater demand for high quality pet products that they can indulge their furriest family member with! Also consumers are increasingly educated about their pet’s needs- short haired breeds for example struggle as temperatures drop in the UK during the winter, and so their owners are demanding quality clothing to keep them protected. Consumers are becoming more aware of these issues, and look to both pamper and protect their pets.

The future is bright for PetLondon- as we continue to grow and look after more and more of the country’s pets.


Latest Launch: Safety Christmas Sweaters!

This Christmas the UK’s 19 million pet owners are expected to spend a staggering £47million on gifts for their four legged friends! With this in mind PetLondon are excited to launch their Light Up Seasonal Sweaters for Christmas 2015. Suitable for dogs and cats, the sweaters come in a range of sizes from Chihuahua to Bulldog- so nobody needs to miss out!

Designed with your pet’s safety and wellbeing in mind, the Jumpers are full of twinkling lights that will keep them clearly illuminated in the dark winter nights. It would be hard to miss a pug bounding down the street twinkling with multicoloured lights on his back! They are also made of a super soft and snuggly fleece material to keep your dog warm. The hood has been specially designed to keep your pet cosy, and there is a clever harness hole on the back for you to attach your pet’s lead easily.


The perfect gift for dog owners, the hoodies have two iconic designs to choose from. A classic Christmas scene of Santa soaring across a starry night sky, and an adorable reindeer tangled up in Christmas tree lights.