Natural Chemical-Free Flea and Tick Treatments

There are many warnings on chemical-based Flea Treatments for your pets. Some of these alarming red warning messages detail instructions such as: ‘keep out of reach from children’ and ‘avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing’. This surely has to be a warning sign to us pet parents!

Increasingly we are all keenly aware of the dietary considerations for our dogs, going grain-free or even cooking our own meals for our dogs. Perhaps we are less aware on the harsh chemical treatments we have been accustomed to using.

While chemical based flea treatments may be effective…what is the effect on your pet’s health and your family? PetLondon is now offering safer and effective alternatives using a range of Dr Mercola products which are progressive in changing the ways in which we use flea treatments.

Using the chemical based treatments expose millions of people, including children, to toxic chemicals on a daily basis with some research showing that thousands of pets can be sickened or die each year as a result of chronic, low-dose exposure to insecticides through their flea and tick collars. Especially through organophosphate-based compounds commonly found in flea and tick collars.


PetLondon is now offering chemical free flea and tick treatments and repellents that are safer to your family, friends and your pets. We stock the Dr Mercola’s range of herbal based deterrents, which includes their repellent collars, spot on treatment and repellent defence spray.


Reports from the American Environmental Protection Agency reported that Chemical spot on treatments:

  • The dogs that are most adverse to the nasty chemicals are those weighing between 4.5kg and 9kg
  • Reactions were most commonly seen in mixed breed dogs with the Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Miniature Poodle, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and Bichon Frise at particular risk)
  • Products with chemicals cyphenothrin and permethrin were especially problematic for small breed dogs. Cyphenothrin is found in spot-on repellents from many companies, sold both over the counter and through veterinarians.
  • Most incidents occurred in dogs under three years old, likely at their first exposure to a spot-on product.
  • Adverse reactions for both dogs and cats were primarily skin, GI tract, and nervous system related. Skin reactions included redness, itching, hair loss, sores, and ulcers.


Looking to protect your dog from fleas, ticks and mosquitos, but without the chemicals? The Herbal repellent dog collar is the answer.

Free from harsh chemicals, the special blend of oils works for up to four months. Unlike other pest repelling collars, the active ingredients are integrated into the collar allowing for a longer diffusing period, creating a more effective treatment cycle.  The Herbal Repellent Collar is a safe and convenient option for your dog.

The active ingredients is Geraniol which is one of the few oils that is safe for use on dogs and cats. Geraniol’s repelling power is proven to be effective for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.. It is a great, long lasting flea repellant option for your pet.

The two collars can be adjusted up to the maximum of either 21” and 27”.


Free from harsh chemicals, the special blend of oils works for up to four months. Unlike other pest repelling collars, the active ingredients are integrated into the collar allowing for a longer diffusing period, creating a more effective treatment cycle.

The Herbal Repellent Cat Collar is a safe and convenient option for your cat.

To be used on cats and kittens aged (4+months) with a maximum neck measurement of 12″ (30cm).


For those used to the traditional spot on chemical treatment our herbal spot on repellent would be the best choice. It is a safe and effective spot-on product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It contains no harsh ingredients and offers longer term protection. It’s easy to apply and has a fresh minty smell with no need to reapply after swimming or getting get in the rain.

Applied via gentle almond and wintergreen oil, the active ingredient is Geraniol from Geranium Oil proven to be effective for flea and tick repellent.


Natural chemical free Flea and Tick Defense for your dog in a convenient spray bottle. The safest and effective method for treatment and can be applied how you wish and in varied dosages depending on your dog’s environment, age, size and environment.

This wholistic approach contains lots of fantastic natural ingredients but the expert blending and balancing of the oil is what distinguishes this as a natural and effective product from just a natural ingredient.

The natural Brazilian oils and ingredients found in Flea & Tick Defense include:

– Lemongrass oil –When formulated into a spray for pets, promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and helps repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

– Cinnamon oil – A versatile essential oil widely used in the household. It is an effective environmentally-friendly ingredient that helps deter mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests from attacking your dog or cat.

– Sesame oil – A rich, almost odorless oil derived from tiny sesame seeds. When combined with other essential oils it helps protect against pests and promotes the health of your pet’s skin and coat.

– Castor oil – Castor oil has been used for years by veterinarians. When combined with other oils, helps to repel a variety of pests.

– Purified water – Only the purest water is used to help blend and properly balance the unique formula of essential oils.


Alongside these products there are other methods to help reduce the chances of a flea or tick infestation. A lot of these pests live not in the animal’s coat but in their environment.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Groom on a daily basis to deter ticks and fleas using a flea comb, fur brush and a clean towel to wipe the coat clean with a nightly pet down to feel for critters
  • Wash your pet’s bedding regularly in hot water once a week with the added benefit of keeping your home smelling fresh and clean
  • There are dual purpose plants that can make your house look lovely as well as acting as a repelling barrier in the garden. Some of them include the rosemary bush, fleabane daisy, mint, lavender, and lemongrass.

We hope you found this article informative. If any of the question about the points raised feel free to get in contact. Either by telephone +44 207 7580 7580 or email

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