The rise of the Instadog!

It seems like no dog is without their own instagram account these days. Its a great way to show off your pet and to connect with other animal owners all around the globe. It is also terribly addictive and once you get started it can turn into a full time hobby. The more you understand how it all works the better you get at it, the more fans your dog gains and then the more you want their account to grow and grow. Sounds familiar? Well its all a lot of fun at the end of the day.

One of our best sellers, our iconic plush instadog toy is for the dog that has everything. The Instadog makes a great and quirky present as its design appeals to humans and dogs alike241-3003895-SM2_M.jpeg
This toy is perfect for the 21st Century pet who is trying to become #instafamous. The plush toy is made from a soft material your dog will love- and has a squeaker for added fun! Its the perfect size for them to carry around in their mouths and to snuggle up with a kind of pillow.

Just imagine the photo opportunities and the happy hash tagging moments! We have been so overwhelmed with fantastic tags of you and your pets enjoying their instadog that we wanted a place to show them off. Unfortunately there is not enough space for all of them but here are selection of our favourites.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The Instadog toy is available from qualified retailers (call for your nearest stockist) and online here

Loki for Aldi Christmas Campagin

PetLondon Models are often fortunate to land Christmas Campaigns during the busy winter months. Whether it could be promoting a pet product or simply adding some extra X-Factor to any type of product or service, animals are in hot demand around the holiday season.

We have to keep these jobs strictly under wraps until after Christmas because all the images and concepts are strictly top secret until the campaign launches. Now that Christmas is well out the way we would like to share with you one of our favourites from 2015. It was little Loki’s shoot for Aldi.

Loki is and adorable Cavapoo from London. She is Super-active and friendly with everyone, people and animals alike. Loki is not yet a year old but she has an impressive skill set that includes; sit, stand, high five, paw, rollover, stay and waits.
This little lady has a loving personality and is super loyal to her handler Heidi.

We first met Heidi and Loki when they signed with the agency and they came in to do a casting and some test shots. Loki was impecably behaved and we all agreed she was a professional in front of the camera.

Loki pulled off the classic over the shoulder pose right away during her first shoot. She also mastered some more tricky poses with the help of a puppy prop.

The casting call came in to PetLondon Models for a small dog to model Aldi’s Christmas range that included a matching jumper for dog and owner. After narrowing down their selection from a range of options, Loki was  the dog that was chosen for this assignment. We knew she could pull it off with no problems.


Loki was a pro at showing off the lovely reindeer jumper and she interacted with the human model on set to create some lovely festive poses. Everyone on set agreed that she was a real star and their was some glowing feedback on her after the shoot.

ALDI Loki 3

“I just wanted to give you feedback about Loki and her owner. Our client has said they were both AMAZING. Loki was so adorable, and so well behaved, and just fantastic really. The owner Heidi was also really helpful, and if it wasn’t for her, who knows how the shoot would have gone, but overall, they were simply thrilled with the both of them” Booking Agency Quote

Cats on the Catwalk for Stella McCartney

PetLondon Models took part in an exciting campaign for fashion designer Stella McCartney. We were contacted and briefed that they were looking for a selection of different cats to model in a photoshoot at Sunbeam Studios in London. We got to work right away as there was not much time to spare and put together a range of different cats and kittens for them to review.

After some difficult selections, the lucky chosen felines were from left to right: Hechi, Tobias, Sammi, Adaline and Perla,

Excited to have landed this assignment, they all headed over to the studio where PetLondon handler Adam was on hand to make the introductions. A few were not sure of each other initially but warmed up to their new friends as the day went on.


Adam introduces Kitten Tobias to Perla. At first they were unimpressed with each other. Sometimes models dislike sharing the limelight…

Each cat took turns on set to model with top human models including Lineisy Montero. The shoot was for the Stella McCartney’s Autumn Collection Campaign. Some of the collection featured actual cats within the prints and designs, so it was a perfect fit!



Perla showing off one of the looks

Persian Model Perla has been modelling from a young age. She was quite a sensation on set with her striking features and calm demeanour. Her markings are really unique and give her such character. Whether it was hanging out on a giant cushion, being carried under the arm or trying an action shot, Perla was ready to provide whatever was needed.

PetLondon were particularly happy to be working with Stella since she has a great passion for animal welfare and all of her brands collections are always animal-friendly. Stella McCartney doesn’t use leather, feathers or fur in any of its designs or products. This commitment is admirable and something that very few high end brands follow such a chosen path. PetLondon’s ethos is all about animal welfare as a priority so this synergy created a great connection.


In a particularly tricky shot, Adam makes sure that Persian Hechi is safe and balanced on the models shoulder, he was on and to jump in at split seconds notice

All the models really enjoyed the shoot. They took it in turns to model different looks from the collection with different models. It was a long day though and at one point Perla was so relaxed she fell asleep in one of the designer handbags.


At first we noticed she was very comfortable and relaxed inside the handbag


Next thing we knew, she was fast a sleep. Well, you know what they say, a girl has to get her beauty sleep

All of the PetLondon Models worked hard and created some fabulous images for the campaign.

You can see the full LookBook Here

Pet Friendly Florida

More and More pets now than ever are now joining their parents on family vacations these days. Travel to and from the UK is not easy but if you have a small dog and are willing to travel via France then getting to America with your animal in the cabin with you is possible.

Poppy our founding dog and mascot in the PetLondon logo is fortunate to have spent much time in Florida where her Daddy is from and would like to share with you some of her top tips for vacationing with your pet in this sunny paradise. Here are a selection of her top five favourite things about spending time in the Sunshine State.

  1. Dog Strollers are the Norm and Dogs are Welcome to Shop

Chances are you will want to partake in some retail therapy during your trip. Our top recommendation is the Town Centre Mall in Boca Raton. Its never too crowded and has a good selection of shops. One thing you will quickly notice if you visit any mall in Florida is that if you take a second look at all those strollers rolling past you, probably about 75% of them will contain not the usual two-legged infants but some very adorable four-legged friends. It seems the general policy is that so long as the pet is being carried or is in a stroller then they are very welcome in the shops.



Over the years, Poppy has owned a selection of strollers and here she is in her three-wheeler. The nice thing for Poppy is she can see where she is going, interact with people and then when she has had enough, there is plenty of room to curl up and go to sleep in peace and in her own private space. Its also got a handy storage space underneath to hold all the shopping and even a cup holder for your cappuccino!

Whilst strollers can of course be used in any country, if you have ever used one in the UK you are probably used to a lot of looks of surprise and shock. In the USA you will fit right in and be amongst many others using the same mode of transport for indoor shopping!

Here are a selection we saw on one shopping trip to Town Centre; A West Highland Terrier, A Cavalier King Charles and Maltese, all enjoying a day of shopping with their pet parents.

Another really useful item for shopping malls is a pet sling. If you are just quickly nipping in then this is fast and easy to use. We spotted this really cute little guy in Shaper Image. He seemed to be really chilled and is just “Hanging Out”!



2. Dog Beaches are a blast

One of Poppy’s true zen moments in life occur when she is on the beach. There is something about the feel of sand underneath her paws and the smell of the fresh ocean breeze that seems such a far cry from pounding the urban pavements of Marylebone. Poppy who is not much of an athlete usually, will happily run and frolic in the sand for hours or enjoys just digging in and inhaling the ocean breeze.

Dogs are not allowed on all beaches in Florida so you will need to do some research but most areas have a designated patch of beach that you can use at certain times of day. Be aware of one important thing though, you may need to purchase day permit to use the beach for a day or a weekend which can normally be done at an office right next to the space.


Poppy’s favourite spot is the Dog Beach in Boca Raton (Spanish River Park 3001 North Ocean Blvd., Between Lifeguard Towers 18 and 20). It is not as busy as you would expect and we practically had the place to ourselves on her last visit. The one thing you do need to be aware of though is that at certain times of year there can be jellyfish right by the waters edge. This is the last thing you want your dog to step on or touch, so check carefully before letting them off lead. The beach is very wide so you can easily stay above the tidal line if needed.

If your dog is the type that will enjoy a swim then stay safe and make sure you bring a dog life jacket with you too.

3. Dog Parks are a lot of fun

Florida is very pet friendly with special dog parks in most areas. A quick google search will help you to find your closest one. Normally there are separate areas for small dogs and larger breeds so that you can safely let them off the lead to interact with some new friends as long as they are well socialised.

scavopark 1.jpg

Our recommendation is the Joseph Scavo Park in Hallandale. It has recently been renovated. Its a nice place to enjoy the fabulous Florida weather and there are lots of activities to do including a fitness path and equipment for adults and a children’s playground.

There are always plenty of dogs around, especially at sunset and a very freindly community feel. Don’t forget your pick up bags, a water bowl (it can get very hot and you need to make sure your pet stays hydrated) and make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations before letting them interact with others.

4. Dog Menus are available

Another great thing about Florida is that the weather is so warm that you can dine outside at most places with your dog. Some restaurants even offer dog menus. Max’s Grill in Mizner Park is one of these places. You can select from a huge choice of dishes breakfast to dinner and a great brunch on Sundays.


Enter a caption

Your dog can choose from the Mizner Bark Menu, which ranges from a simple snack of some biscuits to a 8oz Filet Mignon.

When you are travelling its not always easy to prepare food for you dog, so this can come in especially handy.

You can also help your pup cool off on a hot day with a frozen peanut butter pupcake.

Poppy’s favourite is the “Chasing Chicken”.

Max’s Grill is located in Mizner Park, which is a nice place to stroll around for a few hours with shops, restaurants and a very luxurious movie theatre. It is always full of dogs so there will be plenty of new friends to meet.


5. Pet Products are everywhere

There are loads of pet product shops in Florida. You cannot drive more than a few blocks without coming across one. Whether its the mass chains like Pet Supermarket, grooming salons, dog health food shops or independent boutiques, you will find a great selection of items that are not available in the UK. Our top recommendation is the Dog Bar in South Beach.


Finally, we want to leave you with a serious HEALTH TIP! Florida struggles with Heartworms, something that is not commonly a problem or treated for in the UK. Any dog owner planning a vacation or trip to Florida with their pet should discuss Heatworm prevention with their veterinarian before the trip. Its very easy to handle with the correct preventative drops or tablets during your trip but something you need to be aware of.



Moomin’s Transformation into Pin-up Star

To coincide with the launch of their new Roller Lash Mascara, Benefit planned an extensive campaign to take place across London. They had models, vintage cars and pop up beauty parlours- all they needed was a furry star!

We shortlisted some of our most glamorous looking dogs for the job, and in the end it was Moomin’s flowing locks that captured the client’s imagination. Moomin is an Old English Sheepdog, with a great temperament she loves being the centre of attention so who better to take this role.


Moomin Posing for the Press at Marble Arch

Moomin the Sheepdog starred alongside ten female models in a retro style campaing for Benefit. Adored by all the other models, Moomin was the star of the show. Spending the day promoting Benefit with  fabulous photoshoot at the Roller lash bar in Soho. The Benefit Curl’s Best Friend pop-up, is a three-storey bar situated in Soho’s Greek Street. It will re-create the feel of a 1950s beauty parlour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alongside four of her furriest friends, Moomin also got to take part in the launch of Benefit Cosmetics new product range in Debenhams. They took to a very rainy Oxford Street to meet customers- the abismal weather didn’t dampen the mood and they all had heaps of fun on this unusual day out. Their presence uplifted the customers and certainly helped with sales.


It was a pleasure spending some time with them..I ended up buying not but two mascaras! Loving my eyes! Customer comment



In Moomin’s final role for Benefit Cosmetics, she was seen live on QVC launching the product on air and helping to smash sales records

Moomin for QVC

Moomin had a fantastic time and we think you will agree, she looked simply beautiful.