Sunglass Style for Dogs

It may seem at first quite amusing, the thought of a dog in sunglasses! However, just as they can help humans there are ways in which they can help dogs….This can be to protect your dogs eyes from  wind, sand and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Summer in London, well it must be coming soon ?!? Let’s not give up hope.


Older dogs with eye conditions or age-related cataracts will especially benefit from improved vision outdoors on a sunny day if they are wearing sunglasses. Its also something to consider if your dog likes to ride on a bike or with their head out of a vehicle window because it provides some protection against blowing particles.


We have tried and tested many different models on our own office CEO, Poppy the Morkie. A frequent traveller to Florida and also a senior girl, makes her an excellent candidate for benefiting from some eye protection. She really seems to enjoy wearing them when its sunny, we think she can feel the effects. Poppy certainly seems to tolerate wearing them very well and there is a noticeable difference when she goes indoors that she knows it is time for them to come off.


Ever the Fashionista, Poppy co-ordinates hers with a hot pink, crystal embellished hair bow



The current model that we carry is available in pink and smoke We have found this model to be the best on the market. The design has really improved in the past few years from some of the original models and its now both very lightweight and very easy to fit. These dog sunglasses are designed especially for the shape of a dogs face to have a comfortable fit. They have a wider nose bridge, offer 100% UV protection and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. An adjustable strap goes underneath the dogs chin and around the back of their head. We *love* the added touch of the bone on each corner that acts as an adjustable touch and the pink shades have a tiny crystal heart in the corner as an added design detail.


An Added Bonus… you can take some SERIOUSLY CUTE Selfies!

Most dogs take very well to getting used to their sunglasses. They tend to appreciate the experience more when they can actually feel the benefit so use them for the first time outdoors when its actually sunny. It may feel a little weird for them the first couple of times but build up their usage gradually over time.

Other tips for safety in the sun include;

-Keep pets inside during the hottest part of the day, from 12-2pm

-Ensure they have access to a shaded area when outdoors

-Always have cool, fresh drinking water available

-If you are going to be in the sun for extended periods, think about a pet sunscreen for you dogs delicate areas like nose and ears. Even a dog with a dark black nose, can experience long term sun damage and loss of pigment on their nose through extended exposure.


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