Adored Beast: Which probiotic is best for my dog?

What are Pre-Biotics and & Pro-biotics

  • Probiotics are good bacteria that combat bad bacteria in the gut
  • Prebiotics are ‘food’ for the good bacteria to grow and thrive in the stomach
  • All the Adored Beast range contain a 14 strain blend of bacteria that:
  • Doesn’t contain maltodextrin or any other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Important as milk cultured probiotics can cause allergies in dogs
  •  Contains Larch – serious anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties

Love Bugs

  • It is an entry level probiotic product for healthy dogs who are on a maintenance plan
  • Love Bugs is a great addition to keep in regular rotation in your dogs’ diet
  • If cost is an issue, just don’t give it daily but a few times a week. Some probiotics is better than none
  • Love Bug is excellent for those on a fresh food or cooked diet but it is recommended to include a digestive enzyme supplement (see Healthy Gut below) in a home cooked or kibble diet.

Healthy Gut

  • Now, if your dog is eating a kibble, canned, dehydrated or cooked diet, you might want to consider giving him healthy gut instead
  • If your dog’s eating a food that’s been heated in the cooking process, then the enzymes naturally found in the food will be destroyed in the cooking process
  • Enzymes are needed to help break down the nutrients from food into molecules can that be absorbed
  • Stress can be put on the pancreas to produce the required enzymes but the added enzymes in this Healthy Dog replace those lost and help especially in dogs in older age who produce less enzymes naturally
  • Healthy Gut has the same 14 probiotic strains as Love Bugs, 30 billion CFUs and the cancer-fighting Larch but it also has digestive enzymes added to it

Gut Soothe

  • Focus on inflammation especially in the intestines or urinary tract. Best used with dogs with diarrhoea, constipation or UTIs
  • Gut Soothe has the same 14 probiotic strains as Love Bugs, 30 billion CFUs and the cancer-fighting Larch.
  • Contains marshmallow root, herbal aloe and acetylglucosamine – powerful anti-inflammatories that have an affinity for the mucous membranes of the urinary and digestive tract
  • Use Gut Soothe for up to 10 days for acute cases then revert back to Love Bugs once resolve. If after 10 days it is not resolved please consult your vet

Fido’s Flora

  • Used if your dog has more significant health or digestive issues such as allergies, cancer, organ or digestive disease as Fido Flora will do a more precise job in restoring friendly bacteria communities
  • The probiotics is formulated from healthy dogs which is revolutionary using the bacteria biomes from healthy dogs themselves
  • Contains humic acid that removes heavy metal toxins from the body & fulvic acid which is intended to increase nutrient absorption and improve muscle endurance
  • Recommend alternating between Love Bugs and Fido’s Flora for a maintenance plan to up the variation in gut bacteria

You can find the complete Adored Beast range in our Health section here. If you have any questions about the products please don’t hesitate to get in contact via email ( or phone 02075807580.

Guide to Home Cooking for your Dog

More and More owners are turning to home cooking for their pets. When cooking for your pet on a regular basis it is important to be aware of how to provide complete nutrition in its more natural and complete form and ensuring the diet is balanced. It is surprisingly easy to miss some really important factors without doing some research. This leaflet is concerning itself regarding home cooking but a raw food diet may be suitable for your dog also.


  • Unlike processed dog food which may have lost a lot of its nutritional value during the course of processing, home-made dog food can be much better overall more fresh and wholesome
  • More control over ingredients and ability to tailor them to avoid food that which your dog may be allergic to
  • You can adjust the diet as needed based on your dog’s weight, lifestyle, activity level, health conditions and other particular needs
  • Home cooked dog diets are usually higher in protein which supports the skin and the immune system and are easier for dogs to digest. This in turn can improve the health of the digestive system.
  • Many dogs with health problems such as allergies, IBF, chronic ear infections, arthritis have seen their symptoms reduced or eliminated after they began eating a home cooked diet


  • Perhaps the most difficult part in making your own your own food is designing a diet that provides all the nutrients needed by your dog. It takes time and commitment
  • If you are time poor and in a rush, taking shortcuts can result in improper balances in vitamins and minerals. A super premium high-quality dog food such as Rockster will be a perfect stop-gap.
  • Getting high quality ingredients (especially organic ones) can be more costly depending on nutritional requirements of your dogs.
  • It is worse to do an unbalanced home diet than some store bought pet food

The Three Essentials


  • Home prepared food should include a variety of ingredients, not just one meat and grain so that over time the diet will be more balanced
  • Best to feed as many types of meat as possible (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, fish, etc.) as well as including some % as organs (heart, liver etc.) as well as eggs, cottage cheese and yoghurt
  • If fed one source of protein your dog may start to develop an allergy to the meat. By giving a varied diet it can also help prevent allergies forming

Balance over time

  • When you feed a wide variety of foods, there is less worry to make each meal ‘complete and balanced’. You just have to make sure that your dog gets everything they needs over a week or two, not at every meal.


This is one of the most frequently missed so don’t forget…

  • When making your own dog food, you MUST add calcium if the dog diet does not include bones (never feed cooked bones)
  • Adult dogs require approx. 800 to 100mg of calcium per 500g of food fed. Balancing a ratio of 2:1 to 1:1 calcium-phosphorus ratio (Naturally Dogs)
  • VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Meat given to your dog in the form of boneless muscle (such as minced meat or fillets) increases phosphorus compared to calcium ratio greatly. This means you must in turn increase calcium supplements to ensure the correct ratio.
  • One of the most popular methods is through adding ground eggshells and other calcium carbonate or calcium citrate supplements.
  • A product called Meal Mix can also be used as an additive to cover multiple vitamins and calcium
  • If embarking on a fully home cooked diet, we advise you to consult a pet nutritionist as calcium and other minerals can be under or over supplied which could be dangerous


Key Components in Home Cooked Dog Food

*Go organic as much as you can afford to so


  • Protein sources (e.g. meat, eggs, dairy) should make up at least 50% of their diet, preferably more
  • Try to choose meats with not more than 10% fat
  • Meat should include both muscle meat (such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pork) as well as organ meats (e.g. kidney, liver, heart) Liver should never be more than 5% of their diet and organs in general should make up around 10%
  • If feed boneless meet must add calcium source
  • Canned Fish such as pink salmon, sardines, mackerel occasionally (check for low salt)
  • Dairy products such as yogurt, kefir or cottage cheese
  • Gentle scrambled or hard boil eggs


  • Whole grains such as oatmeal, white rice, brown rice, barley, bulgur, millet, etc. Just as with other foods, feeding a variety of different grains and carbs is better than always feeding the same kind.
  • If you opt to include grains, they should not be over 25% of the overall diet and be varied like the protein sources. Dogs aren’t biologically evolved to be able to digest grains so limiting their inclusion is important
  • Whole grains are key – oatmeal, rice, barley, bulgur
  • If feeding rice it should be slightly overcooked to soft texture so easy to digest

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Vegetables could be beneficial in small amounts
  • Healthiest are leafy greens but other good options include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, carrots, courgettes
  • Best to steam them well and blend if possible.
  • Apples, bananas, berries and melon are good to include in small amounts.
  • remember NO grapes or raisins as TOXIC to dogs


  • Calcium mentioned above is a component that is easily missed in home cooking
  • Other supplements required are fish oil (e.g. krill oil), green blend supplements (algae or phytoplankton)
  • Multi-vitamin supplements are available to cover Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Choline, Cooper, B vitamins, Omega 6 and Selenium
  • Please see our other leaflet regarding specific supplement guide for further details

How much to feed?

  • It is dependent on various factors such as age, lifestyle, activity level and metabolism. We recommend speaking to an expert canine nutritionist.
  • Similar to humans more sedentary dogs will require less fat so leaner meats and low-fat dairy as well as reducing starchy carbs as well
  • If introducing a new food or supplement, make sure you do so slowly and test a small amount on the first introduction
  • Add one new item at a time and wait several days to a week or two before introducing another


  • Whilst all attention has been taken to ensure accurate and clear information; please consult expert opinion before starting any major change to your dog’s diet. Each animal has their own independent nutritional and supplemental requirements and the information above is only to be used as a guide only
  • PetLondon is always on hand to point customers in the right direction for further information and advice

Dog Friendly Guide to London’s Best Asian Restaurants

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? If you are a dog owner some of those tricky decisions have already been made for you with many London eateries not catering to our four legged friends and by extension…you as well!

PetLondon wants to bring you THE definitive list of pet-friendly restaurants across London. The capital is full of sumptuous establishments and exciting cuisine concepts ranging from hidden away traditional family restaurants to experimental fusion cafes with eye widening plates arriving at your table.

The leisure time we do have is precious and I think we can all agree we want to spend it with our dogs. So tuck into the best dog friendly dining experiences in fabulous settings across the capital; where good food and quality time with your pet pair so well together.

Ideal for local residents of Marylebone, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Soho, Chelsea and Covent Garden and those visiting central London, this list is for foodies looking for the best restaurants that are dog friendly in London.

Asian Cuisine is the first focus from PetLondon’s dog friendly restaurant guide. We will explore other types of food in separate blog articles. From expertly crafted Sushi to authentic Bangkok Paneang Curry this is the definitive list of quick lunch time bites to late night bowls of goodness.

Please note most of these establishments have full admission for your pets, however we do advise to please do call ahead, not only to reserve a spot, but as they do sometimes change their policies from time to time.

The number of Asian dog-friendly restaurants in the capital is growing with a host of high quality restaurments dotted across Central London.

First on the list is The Duck and Rice in Soho, is set in a copper tapped style pub, winner of Gold Chopsticks 2018 as the best Asian Restaurant in England. You can sit at any table in the upstairs bar area of this sleek and stylish establishment with your dog and it serves the same menu as in the main restaurant downstaits. This is refined Chinese food that takes your saturday night takeaway and turns into serious conversation point. Favourites include classic prawn sesame toast and their take on crispy shredded beef with deep caramel flavours complimented with a zing from fresh orange segments.  This venue is also top of our list because it includes several vegetarian choices such as Mock Duck and Mock Chicken that are oh so tasty! Alongside classic dim sum and steamed buns, the bar serves beer cocktails with our favourite being a take on the classic old fashioned mixed with cider.

We love that dogs are welcome at ALL tables upstairs and on any given evening you are likely to spot a few furry friends peeking out from some of the tables.

Kurobuta located both in Mayfair and Chelsea are Japanese restaurants in a tapas-style of eating; inspired in a street style setting. Steeped in the culture of izakaya, Japanese drinking dens where food is served; the restaurant takes this style as its main source of inspiration for its food. It is huge on flavours and grilling covering dishes in sumptuous sticky sauces and miso, the umami flavoured paste made from fermented soya beans. Notable dishes include: fresh podded broad beans in a crisp tempura batter with wasabi salt, black miso baked aubergine with candied walnuts and sancho pepper, japanese mushrooms with gorgonzola, pinenuts and lemon-miso dressing.

Small and medium dogs are welcome inside the restaurant, where they are served ice cold water in their own bowls. Lots of lip licking with the sumptuous selection on offer. Larger dogs can dine outside with their guests.

Oka located in Chelsea and Primrose Hill is a sushi restaurant with a pan-asian theme. Offering classic japanese sushi dishes such as the wellknown horomaki and uramaki inside-out rolls, alongside spectacular speciality rolls. Our favourites include the california inspired Dragon Rolls filled with prawn tempura, avocado and spicy mayo. Alongside these sumptuous treats are interesting twists on classic main dishes. These include: Marmite chicken – Crispy chicken stir-fried in a marmite & soy reduction, served on steamed rice with pak choy and an Trio mushrooms made with Shiitake, Oyster and Portobello mushrooms in a chilli garlic sauce served over steamed rice. All of this is with attentive service and reasonable prices.

The Primrose Hill branch located a stone’s throw from Primrose Hill park a prominent super dog friendly park in the heart of London. Four legged customers bound straight from the park gate and straight into the restaurant.

A Wong in Victoria is the first Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant with a lot of familiar sounding dishes but with a myriad of diverting twists. This is seen right out the gate with the humble prawn cracker. It is a single large piece, the size of a plate, and use to hold a tangle of finely knotted seaweed served with delicate pickles and smears of satay sauce. The silky Chengdu street tofu is more akin to custard which is served under a dressing of soy chilli, peanuts and preserved vegetable. In the evening a ‘Taste of China’ menu is available where each course is inspired by a specific region of China’s 14 international borders.

Crispy Fried French Beans with Chilli

The dog’s here are treated like royalty. We bow down to you Mr Wong!

For those looking for Thai cuisine, we can wholeheartedly recommend Suskan. Located on a cosy corner of a charming Chelsea street the restaurant is decorated with traditional Thai silk panels alongside their authentic food. Suksan has been designed to lend a relaxed atmosphere to your dining experience, seamlessly blending delicate Thai spices and flavours. This little-known place is a favourite with locals with a classic aray of Thai dishes, including soups and noodles with a great mix of seafood and veggie options. For those not looking to leave the house, the restaurant offers a takeaway service through Deliveroo.

We love how you will regularly see groups of dogs all chilling brought by their respective owners.

We hope you enjoyed the list and let us know how fantastic the food is! Leave a comment down below if you know of a little known dog friendly place you have visited and we can try to include it on our upcoming guides. We hope to create a whole host of recommendations for dog lovers that include classic British, Italian, and French restaurants; as well as our top dog friendly Afternoon Teas in the capital.

The Best Natural Healthy Dog Supplements 2019

PetLondon promotes owners being proactive towards their animals health and has for 2019 has newly launched in the UK the Adored Beast range of nature based animal healthcare products. These products seek to encompass a holistic approach to pet care which address core issues, support healing and aid in preventing re-occurrence.

There are tour main areas in which the Adored Beast range are arranged: Gut and Digestive Health, Skin and Joints, Kits and Overall Health. Each mini description will give you a link to the product for further information.

Our bestsellers can be found in more detail below!

Gut and Digestive Health

  • Love Bugs – A mix of pre and pro-biotics to promote gut health and support digestive issues.
  • Healthy Gut – might be the best pre and pro-biotic mix to use if your dog is eating a kibble, canned, dehydrated or cooked diet.
  • Gut Soothe – This blend of pre and pro-biotic focuses on inflammation especially in the intestines or urinary tract.
  • Fido’s Flora – To potentially use your dog has more significant health or digestive issues such as allergies, cancer, organ or digestive disease as Fido Flora will do a more precise job in restoring friendly bacteria communities.
  • Phyto-Synergy Anti-oxidant – A super anti-oxidant made from marine phyto-plankton to support overall health.
  • Liver Tonic – This tonic detoxifies the liver and helps cells regeneration and aids in proper function of allergy response, inflammation and digestive products.

Skin and Joint Health

  • Yeasty Beast III – Soothing spray to help soothe spots of topical yeast infection (red rashes on skin).
  • Owies and Oopsies – A soothing spray perfect for healing and soothing insect bites, hot spots, burns and bites
  • Jump for Joynts – Joint support spray to help with stiffness or limping. Can be used post-surgery or accident to aid recovery or used preventatively


  • Leaky Gut Protocol – Designed to completely ‘re-set’ your dog’s intestinal system by removing toxins from vaccines and cleansing the liver, calms and soothes the stomach and the correct gut flora environment and tries to seal a ‘leaky gut’
  • Yeasty Beast Protocol – This complete protocol is the intelligent way to help rid your dog of yeast infection without dangerous yeast die-off. 
  • Easy Peeler Protocol – To help support the removal of Urinary Tract Crystals and it support bladder health.

Overall Health

  • Anti-VaccinosisBestselling product – This homeopathic product assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits.
  • Your Go 2 Homeopathic – Your Homeopathic First Aid Kit in a bottle.

We detail below more information on each of the products, giving a clear and concise summary of what each of them do and how they can help your pet.

Healthy Gut

Did you know that the gut is responsible for more than 80% of the immune system? This means that a healthy stomach is essential for the overall wellbeing of your pooch.

Adored Beast: Love Bugs Powder

Does you dog suffer from?

  1. A sensitive gag reflex
  2. Ear infections and yeast
  3. Atopic dermatitis or other skin conditions
  4. Tooth decay and bad breath
  5. Persistent urinary tact infections

If your dog suffers from any of these ailments then The Love Bug Healthy gut prebiotic supplement could help. To explain in layman’s terms….prebiotics are the “fertiliser” that are needed to set up the colony of ‘good bacteria’ in the stomach. These good bacteria combat bad bacteria.

The good bacteria act as the gate keeper to stop intruders and keep the stomach lining healthy so digestion is aided. Prebiotic (which this supplement is made up of, help probiotics (the good bacteria) reproduce and flourish.

Fido’s Flora

Fido’s Flora is the first and only probiotics designed specifically for your dog. Scientists have identified and cultivated two uniquely canine species of probiotics (good bacteria) that are beneficial to the micro-biome in your dog’s gut.

We don’t know all that much about all the trillions of bugs that live in the gut so the best way to restore gut health is to find the probiotics that are already living in healthy dogs. So if your dog has more significant health or digestive issues, Fido’s Flora will do a more precise job of restoring some of the friendly bacteria communities. 

Fido’s Flora is a unique probiotic that should be given to dogs that have some health challenges such as allergies, cancer, organ or digestive disease


Vaccinations in many places of the world are required by law, especially rabies jabs for international travel, as well as routine vaccinations for domestic boarding and training centres. We do this as they are required.

The anti-Vaccinosis treatment is best done within a 24-48hr window of your dog receiving a vaccination but can be administered retroactively. Anti-Vaccinosis from Adored Beast can assist in removing associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits.

The most common chronic symptoms from vaccinations can include irritable bowel syndrome, liver and kidney problems, glandular changes, ear infections, parasite infestation, skin problems, tumours at the vaccination site, allergies and cancer.

Leaky Gut Protocol

The Leaky Gut Protocol provides simple steps to aid in healing at the root cause of a Leaky Gut. The phenomenon known as ‘Leaky Gut’ has many and wide ranging symptoms and conditions are caused by the immune system reacting to germs, toxins and other substances that have been absorbed into the bloodstream via a porous “leaky” bowel.

Imbalances can cause issues around skin disease, compromised immune system, food allergies, digestive problems, ear infections or any common healthy condition that derives from an inflammatory disorder.

The Pack contains five different products, that are used in a 4-step treatment method designed to give your dog the chance to heal.

Pre Step – Getting ReadyAnti-Vaccinosis

The Anti-Vaccinosis is an intial 2 day regime that assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits. This needs to be completed before moving on Step 1.

ONCE the Pre-step has been completed…. begin Steps 1 through 4 at the same time. This can be given in food together as directed. N.B. If you dog has asensitive stomach is it recommended that Healthy Gut is given at 1/2 recommended dose, working up to a full dose over 1-2weeks.


This detoxifies the liver and helps regenerate healthy liver cells and boost’s organ ability to filter toxins from the blood. Aids in proper function of histamine (associated with allergies), protein synthesis and biochemical production for digestion.


The Healthy Gut powder helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed through antibiotics and toxins. Aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system.


A proprietary blend of herbs and pre & probiotics that soothe and replenish the lining of the bowel, fight yeast and combat unhealthy bacteria. The Gut Soothe have prebiotics are the “fertiliser” that are needed to set up the colony of ‘good bacteria’, known as probiotics in the stomach. This blend has a wide ranging mix of 30 billion cfu.


A homeopathic remedy that helps restore, strengthen and tighten the separated“leaky” junctions of the gastrointestinal lining.

Super-Antioxidant Supplement

Phytoplankton is the photosynthesising parts of microscopic marine plants. It truly is the king of antioxidants and quite possibly the “king of all supplements.” It can help with a multitude of compliments.

Does your dog suffer from?
– Skin issues
– Mobility and joint issues
– Inflammation
– Digestion issues
– Decreased energy
– Increased hyperactivity
– Anxiety
– Excess shedding

Incorporating Phytoplankton into your animal’s daily food diet ensures you are promoting your pet’s overall wellbeing and longevity and can help with the ailments above.

The Photo-Synergy Super-Antioxidant blend of marine phytoplankton can simply be sprinkled onto food. It contains trace minerals, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, DHA, EPA, protein, carotenoids, antioxidants and vitamins.

Plankton has been foundational source of nutrients for marine life since the beginning of the time, with the rich nutritional content in its purest and most original form (single celled organisms). For example the fatty acids found in fish (e.g. Salmon) gain their source of Omega-3 from Phytoplankton.

The single cell organism is absorbed via the mucus membrane, as it is so tiny. Therefore ensuring complete absorption into the bloodstream before it reaches the gut, ensuring if your pet has stomach issues that they are benefitting from the effects.

Made from environmentally, ethically and fully sustainable plankton which is grown on land with filtered Atlantic ocean water with no heavy metals. The Phyto-Synergy blend contains extraordinary amounts of Super Oxide Dismutase molecule called the “king of the antioxidants” and the “molecule of life”.

Liver Detoxification

This Liver Tonic supports and detoxifies the liver, the organ that removes toxins from the body. This tonic helps regenerate cells in the liver and boosts the organ’s productivity in filtering toxins from the blood.

The liver aids in proper histamine function which aid in allergies, chronic inflammation protein synthesis and biochemical production for digestion.

Adored Beast: Liver Tonic

The ingredients in the liver tonic are all herbal and originate from plant or herb extracts. Below is a list of ingredients and the various properties each ingredients has:

Taraxacum Officinalis (Dandelion Root)
– supports liver, gallbladder
– stimulates bile production
– anti inflammatory properties
– strong but safe diuretic
– supports heart, bladder, digestive system

Chelidonium majus (Greater Celendine)
– detoxifying herb
– supports liver health
– helps with indigestion, jaundice and sluggish liver
– stimulates bile and pancreatic enzymes

Cardus Marianus (Milk Thistle)
– powerful herbal restorative
– protective effects on the liver
– helps with liver inflammation

Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry)
– powerful herbal restorative
– protective effects on the liver
– helps with liver inflammation

Flexible and Supple Joints

Does you dog hobble around the house or having reduced mobility in their old age? Perhaps they are recovering from surgery or have been diagnosed with arthritis…

Jump for Joynts is a topical spray that supports 4-way mobility without worrying about the harmful side effects of NSAIDs and traditional pain killers. Jump for Joynts can support common joint issues such as ACL injuries, arthritis, degenerative, bone and muscle injuries.

Skin Conditions

Does your dog suffer from yeast infections on their skin or folds?

The combination of Apple Cider Vinegar and soothing herbs are designed to prevent infections arising through the skin and to soothe itches. Particular breeds will also benefit from regular cleaning of this products in their skin folds.

Please remember that this topical spray is not meant to “cure” the yeast that breeds deep in the digestive tract, and that systemic needs to be addressed at the Root Cause. Do not use on open or raw wounds.

For use on topical yeast areas. Use this product on skin folds, feet and other itchy areas and black, thickened skin. Can be used for ears, but do not pour in – spray onto a cotton pad and wipe affected areas. Do not spray directly in eyes or mouth. Can soothe itch and promote healthy skin.

The main ingredients are all natural which collectively help soothe the irritated skin include:

Herbal Marigold known as the greatest healing agent a first aid go to for abrasions, injuries speeds recovery. High in Vitamin E & Vitamin A.

Green Tea rich in antioxidants, Polyphenols, which are a class of bioflavinoids, have been shown to have antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Catechins, which are antioxidants by nature, have also been shown to function as anti-inflammatory and anticancer agents.

Herbal GoldenSeal deals with local inflammation treats skin conditions such as eczema, ringworm and used on wounds and sores as an antibacterial

Herbal St Johns Wort which improves tissue regeneration in wounds and used to tone and restore the health of the nerves

– Herbal Horsetail commonly used on burns, wounds and sores, anti-inflammatory and stabilizes scar tissue

– Witch Hazel that naturally reduces acne, insect bites and blisters. Used for inflammation, antioxidant and astringent

In summary, we have detailed four natural medicines to help with a range of range of issues or complaints your dog might have. Preventative medicine can help increase the longevity and happiness without expensive vet trips.

If you ever have any questions about the products we offer, please give us a call on 0207 580 7580. Look out for more healthy products on our site, which include a Meal Mix supplement for those of you cooking homemade meals for your dogs and might not realise you are missing out key components of a canine diet.

If you have any concerns or your pet has chronic medical issues please consult your vet before use.

House Hunting with your Dog for

Buying a house is the single largest financial transaction that many people undertake in their life. Britain is a nation of dog lovers, with one in four families owning a four legged friend, increasingly treating them as one of the family and influencing lifestyle choices just like a other members of the family.

So why hasn’t dog friendly property viewing become standard practice in the property industry as dogs become increasingly important decision makers in the house buying process?

dog-viewing-days2-1537882493 (1).jpg, the largest dog sitting company in association with Emoov, an online estate agency undertook a survey, finding some amazing results about dog owners of Great Britain. This was to coincide with Emoov’s dog friendly house viewings across the country that took on the 29th and 30th of September., the world’s largest network of pet-sitters and dog-walkers, is well known in the US, but recently has acquired leading European dog-boarding, doggy day care and dog-walking platform, DogBuddy with operations across the UK and Europe.


Emoov’s is a online agent challenging the status quo of high street estate agents, Emoov has sold thousands of properties all over the UK totalling £3 billion in value, saving the average seller more than £4,000 each in high street fees in the process.

To compliment the survey undertaken by the two clients, PetLondon was tasked with finding some four legged house hunters for this exciting photoshoot.

After much deliberation the four house hunters selected for this extremely important task were:

Bernie, a gentle giant Bernadoodle cross, who is extremely well trained. She knows over 30 different tricks.

The aptly named Barry the Pug, who’s full a character with an extremely cheeky character, and always asking questions!

Cooper the blue French Bulldog, who’s extremely laid back attitude taking any event or environment in his stride.

Lastly, Reggie the adventurous Schnauzer, who brings plenty of energy on set. His cream colouring is extremely rare.

Some fantastic photos were taken on the day, including Bernie and Cooper looking like a happily married couple on the doorstep looking for their new family home.


Our favourite shot taken was Doug, given a ginormous yawn when the Estate Agent was going through the paperwork of the property with him. He’s probably just enjoying the extremely comfortable sofa and cushions which is high up on his priorities.


An amazingly candid shot was taken with Bernie, with her paws resting up on the table, cup of the tea, listening intently and asking questions on various aspects of the property.


We would love to know if you agree with the sentiments found in the recent survey. The key findings included:

  • 82% of potential buyers would turn down their dream house if it wasn’t suitable for their dog
  • 64% of owners said they would only buy a property if the garden was big enough for their dog
  • 44% told us they’d only buy a new pad if there were local walking routes and open-spaces nearby
  • 40% of dog owners said that they’d prefer to take their dogs property shopping with them if the option was available

Congratulations to all those involved. It was a highly successful shoot with some amazing results.

Ultimate Pet Dental and Teeth Guide

Overwhelmed on where to start with taking care of your pets dental health?

We have put together a complete guide with the intention of demystifying this topic. After reading this article you should know which of the various brushes and gels which is best suited for your pet.

Like with anything in life, the introduction, persistence and repetition of dental brushing from a young age forms good habits with the benefits reaching later into life. Our parents always supervised the brushing of our teeth during childhood to ensure no emergency trips to the dentist were needed.

The case is the same for dogs and cats. The benefits of good dental health are manifold both for animals. Studies show 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have periodontal disease by the age of three. This is a serious infection that damages the gum and can erode the jawline. Diseases and infections can enter directly into the bloodstream via the gums. Good hygiene, using high quality products and regular check ups at the vets can minimise these risks.


To help with the vast amount of options available to pet parents, we would like to showcase the premium pet dental range we have on offer from Bogadent, a leading pet care company from Switzerland. Recommended use of the various products differs depending on the various ailments and dental condition of your pet. Please do consult your veterinarian if you are concerned with your pet’s health.

It is much easier to start from puppy age or if this isn’t possible to start as early as possible. Introducing oral inspections from an young age in a playful manner with patience and short sequences with lots of rewards is the key to success.  It will promote familiarity with the routine. This process can start as early 10 weeks of age.


Even though dogs start losing their milk teeth from 4 to 6 months, getting the dog used to dental care regime is extremely important.  We suggest the puppy is introduced to soft gum massages, first with a moistened finger, then with a little amount of toothpaste, followed by the Bogadent Anti-Plaque finger which is an ideal tool to begin with.

Smaller breeds and brachiocephalic (squashed face) breeds are particularly susceptible to teeth problems and we would like to stress the importance of dental care for them.

What kind of toothbrush should I use?

There are three key types to consider:

Silicone Finger Brush: This brush is placed on the finger tip for plenty of control. This is a good introductory brush for puppies as the soft bristles won’t irritate gums. Simply rub around inside their mouth to remove plaque from teeth. It is ideal for smaller tea cup breeds with not much space for brushing. This helps prevent plaque mineralising into tartar and causing long term damage to teeth health. The finger removes the plaque and is ideally used with the dental crème or if needs be the lipo-gel.


Ergo-Dual Toothbrush: This dual ended brush is perfect for day to day use stopping plaque build up around the molars, it has been ergonomically designed for teeth to be cleaned simply and effectively. The larger head can be used for cleaning the outside of the teeth, whilst the smaller head is used for cleaning on the inside of the teeth. For smaller dogs the smaller head may be more suitable for cleaning both the outside and inside edges.



Anti-Plaque Dental Finger Brush: This brush helps prevent the build up of plaque and tartar with the antibacterial effect from the silver ions. They inhibit microorganisms growing on the surface of the tooth. The brush is placed over the finger and affords greater control applying various amounts of pressure and angles for cleaning. It is useful as preventative measure or in conjunction with the lipo-gel to reduce existing tartar formation.


 This helps prevent plaque mineralising into tartar and causing long term damage to teeth health. The finger removes the plaque and is ideally used with the dental crème or lipo-gel.

What kind of toothpaste should I use?

In the Bogadent range, there are four options to consider. We outline the key differences below to help you make an informed choice which option might be best for your pet.

Complete Crème Sensitive Crème Lipo-Gel Hydro-Gel
Regular Teeth X
Sensitive Teeth X
Light plaque and tartar formation X
Gum Irritation X

Lipo-Gel: This gel is covered with oils and soft abrasive particles. This is to used with teeth that have plaque and light tartar formation. If used on a regular basis, in combination with the Anti-plaque finger it can help reduce existing light tartar formation.

Dental Crème Complete: This toothpaste with complex enzyme for normal teeth to prevent plaque formation.

Dental Crème Sensitive: This toothpaste with complex enzymes with added synthetic tooth enamel. For teeth with exposed tooth near the gumline to prevent plaque formation, it seals the tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity of the teeth.

Hydro-Gel: The tooth supports gum health. It moistens and soothes the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, as well preventing plaque formation and bad breath controlling the bacterial colonisation. The intended use is not as a cleaning-gel, but use as a LEAVE-ON Gel. It is a useful product for dogs who have tended to have irritated gums.

Using the Ergo-Dual brush in combination with the dental crème is perfect for brushing with normal teeth. As mentioned above, any. The anti-plaque finger is ideal for beginners, smaller breeds as it has a good abrasive effect with plenty of control.

We also have available a range of dental treats to help supplement brushing and cleaning. Coated in teeth cleaning enzymes and baked in shapes to aid teeth cleaning by chewing. The range includes:

Cats Need Dental Care Too!

There is no minimum age to start brushing for cats. Just like dogs, introducing dental brushing from a young age with help your cat get accustomed to the process, all in the comfort of your own home. First try with some cat toothpaste on your finger, advancing onto the anti-plaque finger in time. Plenty of treats and rewards are key to success for fickle felines.

The video depicts a customer brushing the kitty’s teeth with the antiplaque finer brush.

Antiplaque finger brush: The innovative microfibre brush helps to prevent the build up of plaque and tartar. Consisting of 20,000 high-quality microfibres, coasted with patented silver-ions, allows for a sustained release of the antibacterial treatment. The brush adjusts to all finger sizes and is easy to clean. Apply a little bit of Lipo-Gel on the finger and clean the outer and inner areas of the canine and molar teeth with small circular motions.


Lipo Gel: This tooth cleaning gel is made from an innovative formula including almond and safflower oil to prevent the build up of tartar and bad breath. The collection of gentle cleaning agents clean teeth effectively, forming a protective film on the teeth and gums. It is most effectively used with the Bogadent Anti-plaque finger or the silicone finger. The tooth gel is harmless if swallowed.


To supplement brushing, we also offer feline Dental Enzyme Chips made from 92% fish and chicken supplemented with natural enzymes. They combine a daily dental care routine with a reward treat through its specific texture and consistency. Suitable for cats aged 7 months and above who can chew bite and grind their food properly.

We hope this helps and this guide has empowered you to start on a sustainable and long lasting dental adventure. You can find all the dog products mentioned our Bath Time section of our website, and the cat products in this section here.



Getting Muddy for Jaguar Land Rover

PetLondon was delighted to work alongside two iconic automotive brands for a stills photography assignment. We were delighted to be working with both Land Rover and Jaguar for the promotion of their Pet Packages across a range of cars designed to making travelling with your pet easier. Since the merger in 2016, Jaguar Land Rover is the largest automotive car producer in Britain with operations across Europe and the far East, with plans to set up an classic cars division in the US starting in Summer 2019.

Red 3

The two British brands under the label of Jaguar Land Rover were looking to promote their pet packages optional extras for various vehicles in their ranges. These include the complete Range Rover and Land Rover range including the Evoke, Vogue, Sport and Discovery and Jaguar’s New Electric SUV the I-Pace, alongside their F-Pace SUV and XF Sportbrake estate car. 

Willow 1

The two four-legged fido models in question were two extremely different breeds, that are extremely popular with families. The two breeds chosen were a Labrador and a Vizla. After much consideration, Red, the handsome Labrador and Willow the graceful Vizla were chosen for this particular assignment. They performed like superstars, we think thoroughly enjoying sitting in the super spacious boots of these luxury cars.

Willow 4

The luxury car companies had identified their pet-friendly audiences and wanted to give new buyers pet-friendly bespoke accessories to add an extra level of comfort and convenience to your vehicle for the whole family. The dog friendly Jaguar Gear Accessories and Land Rover’s Pet Packs have been carefully designed with your pet in mind, both for the benefit of your dog with extra comfort and to protect your car from sandy, grit and mud.  

More and more dogs are seen as members of the family, that are being taken on trips to the beach and shared occasions with the whole family. These adventures bring inevitable muddy paws and wet coats. These pet packs are designed to be practical always adhering to the luxury excepted from consumers with impressive and meticulous design.

The Pet Pack help protect fabrics from damage or dirt brought into the car both during normal day to day activities as well as any adventures. The luggage Compartment Partition keeps the boot of the vehicle separated from the rest of your car, primarily for safety this keeps the dogs safe and secure but also stops from the back and passenger seats getting marked or dirty.

The pack also includes either a rubber mat or rigid lining tray which features a lipped edge, which is particularly handy. Both options are fully waterproof, so no liquid soaks in the carpet and both the rubber mat and liner tray can be easily removed and wiped or washed down.

All in all, it was a fantastic opportunity to promote safe and easy travel with your pets, allowing them to part of the memories that you create together. With both car manufacturers having huge international markets, hopefully you will see these pet packages in a neighbourhood near you.


Cat’s on a country estate for Harper’s Bazaar

Regarded for their symbol of refined luxury cats have become synonymous with the fashion industry throughout the world. The ancient Egyptians worshipped felines firstly for their ability to control vermin in households and over the following centuries, the domesticated cat became a symbol of grace and pose across Egyptian and other cultures.


PetLondon Models was tasked to find a family of exquisite looking cats for an opulent fashion shoot to be published with Harper’s Bazaar, the premier woman’s fashion magazine. It now has 32 international editions, across 48 countries, in 21 languages, over 11 million readers, and over 2 million issues sold each month.  The felines were chosen to celebrate the cat themed leopard print and kitten heels in vogue for this season, with model Florence Kosky with styling from Charlie Harrington.

PetLondon was primely positioned for the assignment having worked on high-end shoots with a variety of cats for Tatler, Stella McCartney and Vogue previously.


The natural choice of cat models were the family of Maine Coon cats. The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat and one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat. Theories suggest these cats are offspring of the first cats that travelled across with the first settlers. The Maine Coon is a large and sociable cat, hence its nickname, “the gentle giant.” Reputed for its intelligence and playful, gentle personality, the Maine Coon is often cited as having “canine-like” sensibilities.

This family of six young adults are named Henry, Jimmy, Murphy, Oliver, Bobby, Raphael, Mika & Sky . They are all extremely relaxed in new environments, with the owner taking them tolocal cafes and hospitals making them a great fit for the shoot. The models are all pictured below and their profile can be found here.


The shoot took place in Shotover House, also called Shotover Park, is an 18th-century country house in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. The house, garden and park are Grade I-listed with English Heritage, and 18 additional structures on the property are also listed. The house is privately owned in trust and formerly the residence of Sir John Miller, the lte close friend of Queen Elizabeth II.

Inside the drawing room of the spectacular residence, the set was prepared in one of the numerous drawing rooms. The shoot was centred around an ornate Chesterfield chaise. The cats performed posing together with the model and enjoyed just chilling out on the sofa in the downtime. The relaxed and regal poses of the feline models echoed the grandeur of the location spectacularly well.


The cats were to pose with Florence Kosky, a British model and actress from Dorset, who has worked with numerous brands internationally including Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Dior.

The photographer Agata Pospieszynska, who was born in Warsaw. She is a highly talent photographer bringing he own unique femine vision of romanticism, who is known for her sense of style when it comes to imagery and storytelling.


An amazing shoot in a fantastic location. Well done to all involved with the spectacular finished results!


Football World Pup for Freshpet

If the summer of 2018 had to be defined by two things, they would be football and glorious sunshine. Even though England didn’t make it to the final, the nation was gripped with World Cup fever and is only just starting to recover from the obsession that swept the country in which national pride hadn’t been at such a peak since London 2012 Olympics.

PetLondon was tasked with finding two teams of puppies for Freshpet, the healthy dog food company for their Football World Pup campaign. They wanted to live stream the two teams of puppies playing football and maybe find the next Harry Kanine in the process on a mock-up football pitch. 

We’ve not sure anyone was keeping score!

The campaign was designed to be broadcast alongside England’s last sixteen game versus Columbia with the intention for the video to calm nerves for those who couldn’t bear to watch the action. And boy did we need some stress relief with the match going through to penalties.


The classic English bulldog puppies were an obvious choice with adorable Maltese-Bichon puppies their bitter rivals. Not much acting was needed for this particular assignment, just a whole lot of tail wagging and playing. The puppies were spoilt rotten during the breaks with treats and cuddles from the crew.

For your enjoyment there’s a full 90 minute video, so kick back and relax whilst you watch probably the cutest football match on earth. 



Pets on the go!

The summer sun is heating up, and trips to the beaches of Spain and mountains of Switzerland are calling your name. Or maybe just a trip to the farmers market! And no one appreciates a new adventure more than your pet! (Napping in the sun and looking cute all day can be exhausting!)

As you look to pack for your next trip, finding safe pet transportation is very important. Carriers should be sturdy, comfortable, and provide enough ventilation.
At PetLondon, we have four models that we feel are best for taking little dogs or cats on summer adventures. A Sherpa, Sling, backpack, and shoulder bag all guarantee a safe transport of your pet, however, they do have some key differences.

sherpaSHERPA: A Sherpa carrier is the original style of travel transport. Its boxy shape gives pets a little more space, and are approved by most major airlines. It can easily fit under most seats when flying. [We always advise checking with your individual airline] The bottom of the carrier includes a fuzzy mat, which can double as a bed. The Sherpa style carrier provides the convenience of two different entry ways- the top and the side. The addition of a side zippered-entry, allows pets to walk right in to the carrier. The top zippered-entry, allows for you to check on your pet during the journey, or let your pet pop their head out to take in the views. Some sherpa carriers can safely hold pets up to 10 kilograms.

mesh sling

SLING: The sling carrier also provides several benefits. A sling provides hands-free transport, which active owners can appreciate, especially on hikes. The shape allows the carrier to comfortably sit against your body. This is helpful if your animal has anxiety, because they can feel close to you, while still having a full view of their surroundings. Some sling models provide full-body mesh, perfect for carrying pets in the heat. The mesh creates lots of ventilation. The sling carriers are best for small dogs, cats, and rabbits.

backpack.jpgBACKPACK: Another way to go handsfree is with a backpack carrier. It offers great weather protection on rainy or windy days. Backpacks also allow for more storage over other carriers. If you are on the go, a pet backpack has pockets to store pet food, water, and toys. Pets up to six kilograms can participate in safe and comfortable backpack rides for the pet and owner.

shoulder.jpgSHOULDER BAG: For many women, a shoulder bag offers the comfort and familiarity of a purse. If you’re riding in the tube, or on a shopping trip, this is a discreet way to protect and carry your pet. Shoulder bags can come in different fabrics to match the season. Linen and cotton bags are the most popular summer materials. Like the backpack, shoulder bags also have built-in storage. This style of carrier is best for shy or relaxed pets that like to be comfortable and close to their owner.
An extra benefit of shoulder bags is that is comes with two strap options- a long adjustable shoulder strap, or short handles. It gives pet owners carrying options when in busy or crowded places.

Each of the four carrier options provide different benefits to different pet lifestyles. If you haven’t invested in a pet carrier, summer might be the perfect time to do so. It keeps paws off the hot payment, and allows owners to get on the move!