Adored Beast: Which probiotic is best for my dog?

What are Pre-Biotics and & Pro-biotics

  • Probiotics are good bacteria that combat bad bacteria in the gut
  • Prebiotics are ‘food’ for the good bacteria to grow and thrive in the stomach
  • All the Adored Beast range contain a 14 strain blend of bacteria that:
  • Doesn’t contain maltodextrin or any other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Important as milk cultured probiotics can cause allergies in dogs
  •  Contains Larch – serious anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties

Love Bugs

  • It is an entry level probiotic product for healthy dogs who are on a maintenance plan
  • Love Bugs is a great addition to keep in regular rotation in your dogs’ diet
  • If cost is an issue, just don’t give it daily but a few times a week. Some probiotics is better than none
  • Love Bug is excellent for those on a fresh food or cooked diet but it is recommended to include a digestive enzyme supplement (see Healthy Gut below) in a home cooked or kibble diet.

Healthy Gut

  • Now, if your dog is eating a kibble, canned, dehydrated or cooked diet, you might want to consider giving him healthy gut instead
  • If your dog’s eating a food that’s been heated in the cooking process, then the enzymes naturally found in the food will be destroyed in the cooking process
  • Enzymes are needed to help break down the nutrients from food into molecules can that be absorbed
  • Stress can be put on the pancreas to produce the required enzymes but the added enzymes in this Healthy Dog replace those lost and help especially in dogs in older age who produce less enzymes naturally
  • Healthy Gut has the same 14 probiotic strains as Love Bugs, 30 billion CFUs and the cancer-fighting Larch but it also has digestive enzymes added to it

Gut Soothe

  • Focus on inflammation especially in the intestines or urinary tract. Best used with dogs with diarrhoea, constipation or UTIs
  • Gut Soothe has the same 14 probiotic strains as Love Bugs, 30 billion CFUs and the cancer-fighting Larch.
  • Contains marshmallow root, herbal aloe and acetylglucosamine – powerful anti-inflammatories that have an affinity for the mucous membranes of the urinary and digestive tract
  • Use Gut Soothe for up to 10 days for acute cases then revert back to Love Bugs once resolve. If after 10 days it is not resolved please consult your vet

Fido’s Flora

  • Used if your dog has more significant health or digestive issues such as allergies, cancer, organ or digestive disease as Fido Flora will do a more precise job in restoring friendly bacteria communities
  • The probiotics is formulated from healthy dogs which is revolutionary using the bacteria biomes from healthy dogs themselves
  • Contains humic acid that removes heavy metal toxins from the body & fulvic acid which is intended to increase nutrient absorption and improve muscle endurance
  • Recommend alternating between Love Bugs and Fido’s Flora for a maintenance plan to up the variation in gut bacteria

You can find the complete Adored Beast range in our Health section here. If you have any questions about the products please don’t hesitate to get in contact via email ( or phone 02075807580.

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