Putting Away Toys

We have all had the feeling when cleaning up a room strewn with toys, wouldn’t it be nice if Fido could keep his own toys tidy. Well that is not impossible! Have a go with these training tips and see if you can have your dog put his/her own toys away when requested.


  1. Give your dog a toy and encourage him to hold it in his/her mouth with the cue “Take It” As soon as they have it, click the clicker and verbally praise them.
  2. Bring the toy box right next to you
  3. Call the dog over to you, so that if he/she released the toy in their mouth it will drop straight into the toy bucket. Praise them for coming over to you when called
  4. Repeat the steps above a few times and then ask them to “Leave It” or “Release”as they are standing over the toy box
  5. Gradually replace the two cues “Take It” and “Leave It” with one cue “Toys Away”
  6. Gradually build up the number of toys being used at one time


Adamals Top Tip: remember It will take lots of patience and practise, this is not something to be mastered in a day!

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