Brand Focus: LouisDog

In addition to our own products, PetLondon work with a select few other brands. We only work with the very best, and look for quality products from caring companies. Brand Focus is an opportunity for us to share the brands we stock with you, give you a little information about what makes them tick and pick out our favourite items from them. First up the most premium- super luxury brand LouisDog..


Describing itself as ‘one of the finest lines of apparel and accessories for all dogs and their owners’ LouisDog is the brand you go to when you want something extra special. Since they started in 2001 the company has become internationally loved for its elegant designs, exclusive fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by PetLondon, LouisDog is stocked in the very best boutiques and department stores in the country including Selfridges Pet Department.

Each season LouisDog surprises and delights its customers with carefully designed pieces that are perfect for spoiling your loved one! We have picked out a few of our favourite pieces from their latest collections, all are stylish, comfortable and designed to improve the life of your best friend.

As the weather gets colder, this luxurious Tweed Jacket has been a popular choice. Elegant and sophisticated, the jacket uses LouisDog exclusive ‘thinsulate’ technology to keep in warmth without making it too heavy. You have to feel it to believe it, and customers are always impressed with how lightweight the coat is compared to how snuggly and warm it keeps their dogs! Snap buttons make it easy to pop on or off, it is a perfect wearable coat for the winter.

Another favourite around the PetLondon Penthouse (especially with Poppy) is the Peekaboo House. A new update on the Peekaboo range from LouisDog, the Peekaboo bedroom is a light and cosy haven for your dog. The canopy is made from high quality linen, and the four pillars are covered with 100% organic cotton curtains. It is important to have somewhere in your home for your dog to escape to, a little hideaway for them to get some privacy and alone time. Great for puppies or adult dogs alike, the Peekaboo House will let them draw the curtains on the outside world!

A final pick we had to share with you is the Cardigan Warmer. Available in grey and pink, this is a great option to give your dog a little more warmth for walks underneath their coat or for around the house. The snuggly scarf makes it look ridiculously cute and chic, and the velcro fastening makes it super easy to slip on and off.

We love Louisdog, and we sure you will too!

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