Latest Launch: Safety Christmas Sweaters!

This Christmas the UK’s 19 million pet owners are expected to spend a staggering £47million on gifts for their four legged friends! With this in mind PetLondon are excited to launch their Light Up Seasonal Sweaters for Christmas 2015. Suitable for dogs and cats, the sweaters come in a range of sizes from Chihuahua to Bulldog- so nobody needs to miss out!

Designed with your pet’s safety and wellbeing in mind, the Jumpers are full of twinkling lights that will keep them clearly illuminated in the dark winter nights. It would be hard to miss a pug bounding down the street twinkling with multicoloured lights on his back! They are also made of a super soft and snuggly fleece material to keep your dog warm. The hood has been specially designed to keep your pet cosy, and there is a clever harness hole on the back for you to attach your pet’s lead easily.


The perfect gift for dog owners, the hoodies have two iconic designs to choose from. A classic Christmas scene of Santa soaring across a starry night sky, and an adorable reindeer tangled up in Christmas tree lights.


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