The Basics: Teaching your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the first commands they should learn, it shouldn’t be too tricky and will help you build a foundation of good behaviour and control (which means you can get onto some of the more exciting advanced tricks and activities with your pup!).

We have two easy methods you can try to teach your dog, play around with both and find out which option works for you. With both of them remember to use the tone of your voice to teach. When your dog is sitting properly praise them in a high pitch tone. When your dog moves from position use a growling tone of voice to say ‘acck!’ and put them back into a sit.

Method 1

With your dog near to you, show them a yummy treat and hold it just above your their nose. Do keep it above the head so they have to reach up to sniff it.

As you hold it up, say the command ‘sit’, as they look up at it they should naturally get into the sit position.

When your dog sits, remember to praise them lots and give them the treat. This will reinforce the ‘sit’ command.



Method 2

If your dog gets too overexcited and doesn’t respond well to seeing the treat, put it in your pocket and try to shape your dogs sit.

Put one hand on your puppy’s chest (the bit where the chest and neck meet).

Say the sit command while you gently guide their chest slightly up and back. At the same time, let the other hand slide down your dog’s back tucking their hips down and under as you do so.

Again when your dog sits, remember to give them lots of praise and you can offer them the treat.



Good luck, and happy training!

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