PetLondon Models Q&A

Dancing ponies, entrepreneurial meerkats and screaming goats; animal modelling is a booming business. PetLondon models is a leading UK animal modelling agency, and we have seen it all. We are inundated with queries and concerns from pet owners across the country who want their cat to be the next Tony Tiger. So, this week we took to Twitter to ask you for some of your burning questions for us to answer!

Has my ‘baby’ got what it takes to be a model? 

The top priority for any animal looking to break into the world of modelling is temperament. Is your dog/cat/rabbit…. going to enjoy it? They need to enjoy attention, and be comfortable around people. If your puppy is scared of men for example, they’re not going to cope on a shoot where there could be a men all over the place.

Once you’re sure your pet will enjoy modelling, you can think about skills. Unless they are under 5 months they are going to need to have the basics down. For a dog, they should be able to sit, stay, stand and lay down. Other animals might not be as advanced, but should still be able to stay and have a level of control.

How can I fit my career around my pet’s stardom? 

Your pet’s modelling career is unlikely to become a full time thing, but when opportunities do pop up, they tend to be mid-week and last minute. So unless you’re able to drop everything and tootle off with your pet to a shoot in the middle of the afternoon, pet modelling is not for you. When you get to the shoot it’s not a matter of dropping of Fido and cracking on with your day, you will need to be on hand on set for as long as your animal is there.

I want to give up my job and live a life of luxury, how much will my animal earn as a model?

Modelling is a nice additional income, and will help cover the costs of a few treats here and there, but it is probably not enough to live off! As with all modelling, the work is not always constant. Rates vary but are typically 30 an hour. However it’s a really fun thing to do with your pet, and you’ll get some amazing memories, photos and footage of your pet.

How do I land my first modelling shoot?

If you’re sure you and your animal have got what it takes, you need to be signed by a pet modelling agency, pop over to our website now to sign up! As soon as you’re registered clients can see you and we can put you forward for jobs. You will need a couple of photos and some details about your animal to fill in your portfolio.

How do I get a portfolio of images of my pet? 

Paying to get a professional in is not necessary. Once you’re signed up with PetLondon, we will give you a super detailed explanation of how to take professional looking shots of your animal. You do need to put some effort into these, as we have a lot of animals on our books for clients to go through- you want to make sure you stand out! Try to take photos inside and outside, making them bright and clear. Natural lighting is always better, and make sure you get a mix of full body and close ups. Videos are also amazing if you want to showcase any tricks.

Cat or dog?

Either! It’s a well known fact cats own the internet, but clients love dogs too. From bunnies to bearded dragons, all animals are welcome.

Head over to the PetLondon Models website now to learn more about what we do, and good luck!

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