Prepare for those April showers! – This month’s must have Wilderness rain jacket will keep your pooch dry as a bone!


We all know how interchangeable spring weather can be, one minute there are beautiful blue skies the next the heavens are opening. Of course, no matter the weather, your pooch is always eager to get out and about. That’s why its important to be prepared for all weather conditions!


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.29.34 PM.png


At PetLondon HQ, we ensure our dog apparel is designed with practicality in mind, that’s why we are introducing the revolutionary Wilderness Rain-Harness-Coat. Taking inspiration from nautical clothing, we have developed a jacket that is suitable for extremely wet and windy conditions! Part harness, part raincoat, this Wilderness jacket is the perfect solution for heading out into rainy weather with your furry friend.

The Wilderness jacket is an innovative design. Treated with industry standard waterproofing to keep your pooch dry as a bone! It is important that waterproof items are close fitting, which is why we have included fully adjustable toggles on both the hood and the hem. The integrated harness it useful in that it means your pooch needs only one garment for rainy outdoor play. To ensure the utmost safety of your pooch, we have added reflective bands onto this premium quality jacket, handy if your pooch is out and about in a low visibility environment.


This is a jacket that is not only practical, but stylish too. The jacket draws inspiration from the current practical street wear trends, merging utility apparel with high end fashion. The Wilderness Rain-Harness-Coat looks sporty and fun, whilst providing unrivalled protection against the weather for your precious pooch. Available in the vibrant primary colors, scarlet red, royal blue and sunglow yellow, to suit any shade of fur. We are really excited about this jacket, because it is universally useful, for both the city dwelling pooch or those frolicking in the countryside.

Taking a closer look at the Wilderness jacket, it’s easy to see why this is a popular dog jacket at the moment. The small pocket on the back of the coat is convenient for storing spare waste-bags, change or treats. The zip is high quality, gliding up and down with complete ease – a tremendous benefit when in a hurry to fasten in cold and windy weather.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.08 PM.png                         Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.29 PM

Crucially, the outer waterproof jacket is lined with a soft mesh, much like high end sports wear. This is important for adding a breathable and comfortable quality to the jacket. The mesh lining works as a climate control mechanism for your pooch, by reducing moisture and increasing circulation. The holes in the mesh work to increase air flow between your pooch’s fur and the garment, maintaining separation between the fur and the coat – ensuring complete dryness by increasing the rate of evapotranspiration. This ultimately allows your pooch to maintain a consistent and comfortable body temperature whilst wearing the Wilderness-Rain-Harness-Coat.

In addition to the range of vibrant colors, this jacket is also available in a broad range of sizes, in order to cater for a perfect fit for smaller and larger breeds. The sizes start from Small through to XX Large. Why not pop into our PetLondon showroom with your pooch, where one of our experts can fit your dog in a Wilderness-Rain-Harness-Coat to suit their unique shape and coloring!






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