Pug Power for Cineworld Super Screens

Cineworld got in contact with PetLondon Models with a interesting proposition… to find four social media superstar pugs for a promotional event with Cineworld and their new Superscreens.


This was no bother for us, having recently created PetLondon’s Social Media Superstar division. Social media influencers have been used for promotions for a while, promoting everything from health and beauty products to new technology and skateboards, but within the last year or so the “Power of Pets” has been on the rise.

Some of the most famous animals across the UK are on our books. Cinema were looking for four awesome Pugs for the promotion of their Super Screen service, to tie in with the launch of the new Kingsman film.


After some serious consultation, Cineworld chose four of our most famous Pugs for the event.

Firstly, Barry the Pug, who loves nothing more than jetting off around the world and relaxing on the beach with a dog friendly Pina Colada. Star of Virgin Media TV adverts. IG Following: 41,000


Secondly, the dynamic duo of Walter and Krypto. Walter the cheeky older brother has 27,600 followers as to date, regularly posting about his life, with his little playful ‘pupstar’ brother Krypto featuring regularly.


Lastly, Kipper, the gentlemanly and sophisticated Pug. Never seen without his tweed collar or velvet jacket; this Pug shows of his lavish lifestyle to his 23,500 followers worldwide.


The pugs were to watch a special screening on the Kingsman: Golden Circle for the promotion of Cineworld’s Super Screen. Cineworld in collaboration with the launch of the film wanted to highlight their new Superscreen service which are located at various cinemas across the UK.


The Superscreen at Cineworld offers state-of-the-art projection and sound, allowing customers to enjoy upcoming blockbusters like never before. It includes a wall to wall, ceiling-high screen, dual projectors giving a brighter 3D experience and breathtaking multidimensional sound with Dolby Atmos, powered by 27 amplifiers.


The shoot included some group shots outside the foyer, and them some amazing candid shots of the four super star pugs enjoying a private filming of the film. Of course with all the snacks they could eat.


The four stars definitely enjoyed the ‘Pug Life’ to the full during the shoot, being treated like film stars themselves… and rightly so!

We have a multitude of social media famous animals that isn’t just limited to dogs. If you are a Instagram Icon or a Snapchat Sensation we would love to here from you.



Border Collies & Brogues – Manolo Blahnik

PetLondon was tasked to find a variety of fashionista dogs for an internationally renowned shoe designer…Manolo Blahnik. PetLondon Models have worked with major fashion houses including Chanel, Stella McCartney,  Mulberry & Burberry in the past; so  PetLondon certainly had the talent for this exciting assignment.

Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer best known for his signature line of high-end women’s footwear. Blahnik is perhaps best known for designing delicate and lightweight stiletto heels that have become iconic footwear.

Interestingly, the photoshoot was for promotion on Manolo Blahnik’s new globally renowned creations on the company’s Instagram account. The shot were posted as a ‘Boomerangs’ where the film is looped backwards and forwards. Boomerang is a fairly new app from social media giant Instagram that breaks the boundaries on what social media content is supposed to be. You can see what we are talking about below. We think the effects created with the shoes and dog models are fantastically engaging.

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Let's dance #Atada #ManoloBlahnik

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For this shoot the client wanted to match dogs to the particular shoes in the new range.  PetLondon Models was given a brief based on a specific breed wish list and then the casting process began,From the fluffy Pelosurafo slippers to the pink Armida stilettos; the Manolo Blahnik team carefully considered a large number of dogs to perfectly compliment the aesthetics they were searching for.

In the end the animal models assigned were:

  • Eric, a fluffy Border Collie
  • Mylo, a graceful Dalmatian
  • Louis, an elegant Afghan Hound
  • Clover, an inquisitive Spaniel
  • Pip, a playful West Highland Terrier
  • Emma, a soulful Weimaraner

In 1970, a young Blahnik had a chance to meet Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of U.S Vogue, while he was travelling in New York. He then presented his portfolio of fashions and set designs to Vreeland who admired his shoe sketches and advised him to concentrate on designing footwear. Blahnik followed her advice and worked on designing shoes.

Blahnik became the second man ever to be featured on the cover of U.K. Vogue. In 1977, he sold his shoes in America, through Bloomingdales, and opened his boutique in the U.S. Since then, he has become a very famous shoe designer, and a symbol of pure classic style for the 21st century.

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One step, two step #Pelosusrafo #ManoloBlahnik

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Eric the Border Collie with the Pelosusrafo open toed furry slipper 

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Criss Cross #Maysale #ManoloBlahnik

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Pip the West Highland looking interested in the Mayscale kitten heel mules

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All eyes on you #Sonsoles #ManoloBlahnik

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Emma chilling out with the blocked heeled 60s inspired Sonsole

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It’s a match #Feliza #ManoloBlahnik

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Mylo, matching perfectly with the Feliza pump

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Top dog #Diazhigri #ManoloBlahnik

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Louis pondering the style of the Diazhigiri heeled boot 

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Follow my lead #Ulderica #ManoloBlahnik

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Clover taking the lead with the bold and bright Ulderica shoe 

All the dogs performed extremely well on set, with no hiccups or set backs at all.  You know what they say…dogs love shoes! A great time was had by all.

We can’t wait for the first Spaniel themed sling-backs, Greyhound galoshes or Maltese inspired mules.

All the pictures have been released on Manolo Blahnik HQ’s Instagram.






Barry for Virgin Media

PetLondon Models were approached by Virgin Media, looking for a special dog to be filmed for their social media to promote their new on the go service.The lucky pooch chosen was Barry the pug, a happy pup who loves to meet new people and has a wide range of talents, including playing football.

Barry the pug.jpg

Barry: Blue Steel 

The shoot took place at Jet Studios in South West London, and Barry and his owners arrived with time for a quick pit stop to get an energy boost before the shoot began.


Barry chilling out before the excitement

Since the shoot was promoting Virgin Media’s on-the-go service, Barry posed with a range of props, including a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Barry got to walk his own pug sized red carpet, and looked the part in his wonderful tuxedo. He showed the crew his skill set, walking down the red carpet and stopping on command.

Barry also showed off his remarkable footballing talents, dressed in his red tracksuit. He also lounged in a bean bag as part of the shoot, which was a well needed rest from all the walking and running!


After working so hard, by the end of the day Barry was one very tired pug! By the last scene he was exhausted, and had a well deserved shut eye. The crew were so impressed with Barry they gave him a huge round of applause at the end of the shoot.


Barry did an amazing job, and the client was incredibly impressed, contacting us to say: “I also wanted you to pass on my thanks to Barry’s humans for all their hard work and his. He really pulled it out the bag on Tuesday and was very well behaved and performed fantastically for the camera.”

Here is a clip of the final video.


Keep an eye out for Barry on Virgin Media’s social networks!

Mercure Hotels

PetLondon was tasked to find some four legged friends for the launch of a new room service for dogs. The luxury hotel chain, Mercure, got in contact to find some models for the promotional photoshoot and the filming for the new Pawsome delights on offer at their Warwickshire Walton Hall Hotel & Spa.

Nala II.jpg

Research by the hotel brand found 33% of dog owners miss out on going away because of their pets and 41% feel guilty when they do travel. The hotel collection has introduced the Happy Tails package, masterminded by Head Pet Nutritionist at AniForte, Katrin Scholz, at selected hotels within their group.

The hotel chain wanted a variety of sizes, to highlight that dogs of all sizes, ages and shapes were welcome. After much consideration, they chose four dogs. These were: Nala, the Pug, Brinkley, the American Cocker Spaniel, Pip, the West Highland Terrier & Scotty, the Golden Retriever.

The filming took place across the whole hotel complex, including a group shot on the beautiful grounds. From panning group shots in the lobby to action sequences outside, all the dogs performed superbly to all the tasks at hand. I think Nala, especially enjoyed one of her filming scenes.. She told us it was the easiest day on set ever! (See photo below).

Nala, enjoying the finer things in life

Similarly, Brinkley, modelled beautifully in one of Mercure’s dog friendly room. He was definitely the perfect actor;  ‘pretending’ to soundly snooze for the photograph. Every little touch has been thought of to make the stay as pleasurable for the canine companions, such as the matching dog bowl and ball that matched the carpet and bed frame.

Hotel bedroom (Mecure Hotels/PA)

At lunchtime, all the dogs headed to the dining room to shoot the Happy Tails package.  The nutritious menu had been designed just for dogs and includes salmon sashimi, beef tartar and ‘clean eating’ chicken with carrots and apples if your dog prefers to eat lighter on their holiday.


Salmon and banana for dogs (Mecure Hotels/PA)

On the menu for dogs at Walton Hall Hotel & Spa



Two customers waiting to tuck in


Guests just need to ring in advance to check whether their chosen venue provides the service they require. More information can be found on http://www.mercurechester.co.uk/mercure-happy-tails.html.

Be sure to check out the promotional video. Well done everyone! 



101 Dalmatians + Friends for Cath Kidston


At 7am, Shelton Street, nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, is usually a quiet and tranquil place, with commuters walking to the tube in the early morning sunshine, a couple of joggers pounding the pavements and coffee shops just opening up their shutters; however, here at PetLondon Models we knew this wouldn’t be the case as we were tasked in providing 25 dogs for the launch of Cath Kidston’s brand new 101 Dalmatian range in collaboration with Disney.


Queuing up to Checkout

Our assignment was to provide 6 Dalmatians to be stars of the show, with 20 other dogs of varying sizes, ages and breeds to support them. Even though not close to the 101, it sure felt like it, as it was possibly a record number of dogs in one location at one time in recent history for PetLondon Models.


Forming an orderly queue…

The 6 Dalmatian stars rose very early with their owners to get over to Covent Garden. For the participants it was a great experience. “We as owners, were a little nervous on arrival not really knowing what to expect!” said Celia, the owner of Suzy and Bebe. “We were put at ease immediately by the warm welcome to both ourselves and the dallies and was impressed with Adams professional handling of all the dogs.”

The Dalmatians came from near and far, very reminiscent of the film, to partake in the earlier part of shoot taking place in the store itself. Below from left to right we have the six superstars: Roo, Bebe, Suzy, Dolly, Mylo & Domino. We had a truly magical tear-jerking Disney moment, as Mylo & Domino found out they were siblings and have been reunited years later on this shoot. After the shoot was done, they were seen walking side-by-side to go for some brunch and a paw-to-heart.


Mylo and Domino litter siblings united after years apart!


The goal of the shoot was to get some amazing shots of the Dalmatians in store and outside the store in some fun and candid setups. This included Bebe placing her paws on the counter pretending to pay for her goods, Roo walking out the shop happy as can be with a shopping bag in this mouth and a couple of the models sniffing around the shop itself looking at the Dalmatian emblazoned merchandise.


The Disney range itself is very varied with different designs and motives across a wide range of products; from tote bags to umbrellas, purses to socks, pyjamas to aprons each is classically Dalmatian themed, both for adults and kids alike. The range is available across all stores and online for the UK, and in selected international outlets. Please check here.


Whilst this was taking place, in a courtyard just around the corner, the rest of the supporting cast and crew arrived. Not only did we have twenty dogs, but also one human model for every animal. The cast included a range of typical dogs seen out shopping on your local high-street, so we had a varied collection of supporting cast including: Poodles, French bulldogs, Pugs, Jack Russell, Sausage Dogs, Spaniels and a lot more aside! The models were to each have a canine companion for the duration of the shoot. The dogs definitely chose their new pet parent for that morning and after a lot tail wagging and sniffing , we were ready to start the second part of the shoot taking place outside the store.


Lolly, Bix, Peggy, Lola and Milo chilling out on set


Models getting to know their new pet parents

The aesthetic was to line them up along the shop front with the Dalmatians at the front of the line, with each dog and their model forming a somewhat orderly queue behind. It was a very high energy set with so many models both human and canine together, but some amazing shots were taken. Lots of squeaking, clapping, barking and cheering to get the attention of the dogs. After some readjustments and repositioning of certain dogs, the camera team was able to snap some fantastic shots.


Getting the pawww-fect shot

The hallmark of any successful job is finishing early, and this assignment finished a full 60 minutes ahead of schedule. All the dogs were pawfectly awesome and were as good as gold considering all the excitement.


Aristo-Cats for Tatler Magazine

Cats in recent years have been regaining their status as a symbol of refined luxury within the fashion & beauty echelons. Ancient Egyptians worshipped felines immensely in an almost idol-like fashion, praising them for controlling vermin and their ability to kill deadly snakes such as cobras. As such the domesticated cat become a symbol of grace and poise. This was certainly the case, when PetLondon Models were tasked to find seven exquisite looking cats for an opulent shoot with Tatler Magazine. Some incredibly lavish jewellery was to be photographed, that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in the palaces of the Egyptian Pharaohs of old.


Tatler is a high end fashion and lifestyle magazine which covers all aspects of high society. It was founded in 1901 by Clement Shorter. The shoot involved the feline stars being held by the humans models, showcasing both the spectacular watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces on offer. The stylish furry coated models cover seven whole glossy pages of Tatler’s internationally renowned Watches & Jewellery special issue.

The shoot took place back in April at a studio located in the trendy Kensal Green. The photographer was the highly coveted beauty, fashion and jewellery photographer Matthew Shave who has regularly worked with the biggest publications and brands. The cats were hand chosen by the jewellery brands & Tatler editorial team and PetLondon ensured the perfect mix of different breeds and colourings from British Short Hair to Russian Blue. Each cat had their own striking characteristics to compliment each aesthetic of each jewellery collection.


Shady For Graff: The Classic Graceful Gait of the Bengal


Gabby For Rolex: Classic Blue Short Hair With Gorgeous Amber Eyes


Kevin For Moussaieff: A White Maine Coon Rescue Cat. A Real Rag to Riches Story


Caspian Blue For Davis Morris: Travelled All The Way From Ireland To Follow In His parents Footsteps They Were Both Imperial Grand Champions


Prince Valentino For Buccellati: Known For His Expressive Face and Cheeky Personality Captured Here Perfectly


Starina for Sybarite: Our Modelling Veteran Looking Fabulous as Always


QT For Georg Jensen: A Tabby Farm Rescue Cat Now Living The High Life

Adam, Chief Animal Handler, explained the atmosphere on set led to a fantastic shoot being conducted. He was delighted that the majority of the production crew at the shoot had worked with cats or were cats lovers. Therefore, everyone understood cat’s behaviour and psychology giving them the understanding and patience needed. This led to the cats having confidence and hence the capability to produce outstanding shots in a very candid fashion.

Corgi Marcel for ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner: An overnight suck-cess.

In today’s world, modern households are run like well oiled machines. Overlapping schedules and hefty workloads means it’s no surprise that days are neatly timetabled from crack of dawn to downtime in the evening. Keeping any household in pristine condition is difficult; so an automated vac which can mop up any mucky pup spills or shed dog hair is a must.


ILife V5 Pro

PetLondon Models was tasked to find a star for ILife Vacuum cleaners. The brief was broad but with three conditions: firstly advanced commands were necessary, secondly good with children, and thirdly not to be scared of hoovers or robots. After a lot of considerations between a few different individuals; Marcel the Corgi was finalised. One of our few international jet-setting models, he spends his time between London and Paris… Lucky him!

Marcel is a very rate ‘Fluffy’ Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the longer silky coat. As demonstrated he has an excellent attention span and skill; performing commands such as sit, down, roll over, spin and high five (as seen in the video) with ease. He’s an experienced model used with working in different environments and working with a range of talent.



Marcel during his casting call at PetLondon HQ


ILife is a range of powerful and intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners designed to make hectic modern life a slightly more relaxed place; featuring an integrated mopping mode of V5 Pro model for those sticky paw prints.



Bonding with the crew behind the scenes

Anything that allows for more time spent with your dog was certainly a brand we could get behind! The brand new V range has a programmable daily cleaning plan and remote controlled max-power mode rids homesteads of hard-to-clean dirt and stains, such as shed dog hair and dust which can disrupt normal day-to-day living.

Marcel the consummate professional integrated right into his new family straight away. Always up for play-time he took to running around in the garden in his stride. Marcel loved the attention of the camera especially during his close up shot in bed. His superb obedience allowed for some amazing shots, including the super expressive welcome home look.


Be sure to watch the video below to check out how fabulously our star actor performed.

Congratulations Marcel you were a star!







Follow the Yellow Paw-print road

The world renowned London Book Fair 2017 took place earlier this month.  The arena was set for Korra‘s first appearance as a look-a-like for the world’s most famous dog… Toto! Written by the masterful storyteller Michael Morpurgo, Toto – The Dog-gone amazing story of the Wizard of Oz vividly retells the classic narrative from the perspective of Toto the dog. The intelligent and energetic Korra,  the Cairn Terrier was  chosen to be part of the amazing launch event.

The likeness is uncanny between Korra and Angus, who stared as iconic Toto in the classic 1939 film musical.  They are twins in many different ways, especially the eyes! The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest of the terrier breeds, originating in the Scottish Highlands and recognized as one of Scotland’s earliest working dogs. Nowadays these dogs are very rare, especially in London, so PetLondon Models was very lucky to have found Korra.

Korra and Lisa her owner, visited PetLondon a week or so before the London Book Fair to have a trial run for the big day itself. Korra, from the moment she entered took everything in her stride. Instantaneously, every single person fell in love with her at our offices. Her inquisitive nature had her sniffing around the showroom like an hyperactive kid in a candy shop.


Korra in Munckin Land

Korra’s Mum was quick to demonstrate how incredibly well trained and intelligent Korra was; her penchant for veggie dog treats was a sight to behold. For a dog so small she could leap three and a half feet up into the air without breaking a sweat. We need her exercise regime pronto!

Various tricks were performed at ease including the crowd favourite. A simple ‘Bye Bye’ command spoken by Lisa, Korra jumped onto her back legs, stood up straight and with extraordinarily skill waved her paws in a goodbye fashion. It was SO CUTE!

We took Korra and Lisa, downstairs to our in in-house studio set, where we had set up a special basket for the star to sit in. After only a couple of attempts and a handful of treats later we managed to snap this delightful shot. It captures her personality completely.


In-house studio shot

On the day itself, Korra’s first assignment was to follow the yellow brick road, for a heart warming shot with Michael Morpurgo himself. Her delightful personality charmed everyone in sight; learning within minutes some new tricks for the promotional shots. This amazing set was spectacular with the technicolour rainbow, the iconic yellow brick road and the Wicked Witch of the Wests’ red high heels.


Michael & Korro on the Yellow Brick Road Together. Credit: http://www.michaelmorpugo.com

In the image below is Emma Chichester-Clark’s illustration of Toto. Famously a dog-owner with an illustrative blog about her own Plum Dog she brings amazing, lush colour illustrations to the book, conjuring this vivid story to life.

This amazingly talented dog excelled in her duties as a faithful companion to Michael on the big day full of adventure, akin to Dorothy and Toto themselves. During the event Korra’s playful and attentive attitude entertained the press and guests whilst they waited to speak to Michael.

After a hard day’s work the terrier curled up under a desk dreaming of the road to stardom. These were definitely  somewhere over the rainbow, way up high and the dreams that she dreamed of once in a lullaby.



Sony’s Super Slow-mo Shoot for the Xperia XZ Premium

Sony having been impressed with our work previously, contacted PetLondon Models once again to find some animal models to feature in a super slow motion advert for the release of their flagship Xperia XZ Pro. We were excited to be part of the world’s first super slow motion video in smartphone. To demonstrate the serious slow motion video capturing prowess of the phone, Sony required five different animals for the advert as each model was to be captured in ground-breaking  rich 4K high-definition detail.



Impressively the advert was filmed using the Xperia XZ Premium itself. The USP for this product is that it incorporates the best of Sony TV technologies delivered in a smartphone. A super-vivid and sharp display, right in the palm of your hand. The 4K Ultra HD display, this 5.5” smartphone packs in four times the resolution of Full HD for an unrivalled viewing experience. We were so impressed we got one for use in the office.

In order to capture the various spectacles and to demonstrate the versatility of the Xperia, Sony requested a variety of animals, to work collaboratively, something a bit more unusual.  Two dogs, two cats & a hare, were finalised as the models.

Loly, Chow Chow – The unique ‘fluffy lion-dog’s’ quiet and loyal temperament  allowed for an amazingly impressive cute slow mo head ruffling on her super furry head. The Chow Chow is one of the few existing dogs breeds still around today and are known for their fierce loyalty to families.

Gunner, Spaniel – The recent star of Nissan’s Dog friendly concept car is always very energetic, with  the bountiful leap and impressive toy catching skills  captured in all its glory. Always performing right on cue, she is becoming a client favourite.


Lennard, Burmese – Colourpoint kitten with piercing blue eyes was very laid-back on the shoot, but very energetic & expressive when leaping across set. The breed are said to have a number of overtly puppy-like characteristics, forming strong bonds with their owners and gravitating toward human activity.

Caiomhe, Main Coone – super playful and vocal, with impressive acrobatics of swiping the toy while stretching on her back legs. In the 17th and 18th centuries, domestic cats brought over on ships to the newly discovered Americas and faced very severe winters in Mane, USA, where only the strongest and most adaptable cats survived.The Maine Coon developed outdoors into a large, rugged cat with a water-resistant, thick, longhair coat with a hardy yet playful and expressive constitution.


Topaz, Hare, the docile and dog like star, who loves cuddles by resting front legs on anyone who will give her attention. Nicole her owner has hand reared her from birth, with a family of other hares and bunny rabbits. She’s the mother hen of the group ensuring each animal is tucked away safely at night.





The shoot took place on Kennington Road in South East London, the staggered arrivals of each model during the day of filming ensured a smooth and successful day of filming.  The day had no hiccups with each  modelling performing flawlessly on set.

The advert has been captured on the phone itself, and it looks incredible. We’ve got one in the office to use for all our promotional materials! Well done everyone involved, especially the animal models. A truly spectacular result, watch below for the final result.


River Island’s New Dog Collection 2017 – Featuring Suki & Jeff

River Island’s triumphant move last year into the dog apparel  & accessories stunned the fashion industry. On the back of this success, RI is launching their new 2017 collection for pets and asked PetLondon Models once again for our animals to model their new clothing range for the promotional photoshoot.


This time the client wanted to find two new talents to model this brand new range. After much deliberation between models, the two lucky dogs to be chosen to part of this new range were Suki the gorgeous slender Lurcher, the adorable orange fluff ball that is Jeff, the Cottonoodle (half Poodle & half Coton de Tulear).

Suki is used to being in front of the camera. She is an experienced model having worked with fashion houses such as Harvey Nichols over the years. New hotshot heart-throb Jeff has also secured a succession of jobs in recent times, forhouseholds names such Next. Both the dog stars were in their element posing for the camera for this innovative fashioned focused range, and loved being the centre of attention during the shoot.

The animal models had a chance to play with toys for the camera-what could be more fun as a job! They also tried on some of the ready-to-wear pieces from the new range and took their turns at striking a pose. Jeff nailed the over the shoulder look and Suki was a pro at the seated beg.


Jeff Models the Rose Bomber Jacket and Suki Models the Stripy Tee and Khaki Bomber Jacket

The exclusive River Island Pet Collection features: khaki green bomber jacket, a rose pink bomber jacket and an NYC three tone cotton hoody. Also included is a blue collapsible travel bowl, a pink bone shape durable waste bag holder and a pink flamingo plushy squeaky toy. 


Being a Supermodel, is thirsty work, Jeff tests out the River Island collapsible travel bowl

Part of the shoot took place in River Island’s Style Studio, that is located in the two flagship stores in London & Birmingham. The Style Studio is a complimentary personal styling service, which needs to be booked in advance.  Whether for a quick visit for a new outfit to look fetching this evening, or planning a whole new wardrobe, the wonderful Alice, Nadyia or Danielle, will be on hand to pick out a tail wagging combo for yourself and your canine companion.


The new dog RI  Collection for 2017 is available both online and in selected stores, including the flagship branch on Oxford Street, right around the corner from our No. 16 Wigmore Street showroom. Available in sizes: small, medium or large and perfect for summer escapades with your pooch. The previous collection received national media attention, with a huge social media buzz surrounding it. The press and public have been eagerly awaiting the new range to be released.

Shop the collection on River Island’s website under RI Dog

Bertie Fernando Morgan HudGreat job Jeff & Suki you both performed outstandingly!