Dog Friendly Guide to London’s Best Asian Restaurants

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? If you are a dog owner some of those tricky decisions have already been made for you with many London eateries not catering to our four legged friends and by extension…you as well!

PetLondon wants to bring you THE definitive list of pet-friendly restaurants across London. The capital is full of sumptuous establishments and exciting cuisine concepts ranging from hidden away traditional family restaurants to experimental fusion cafes with eye widening plates arriving at your table.

The leisure time we do have is precious and I think we can all agree we want to spend it with our dogs. So tuck into the best dog friendly dining experiences in fabulous settings across the capital; where good food and quality time with your pet pair so well together.

Ideal for local residents of Marylebone, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Soho, Chelsea and Covent Garden and those visiting central London, this list is for foodies looking for the best restaurants that are dog friendly in London.

Asian Cuisine is the first focus from PetLondon’s dog friendly restaurant guide. We will explore other types of food in separate blog articles. From expertly crafted Sushi to authentic Bangkok Paneang Curry this is the definitive list of quick lunch time bites to late night bowls of goodness.

Please note most of these establishments have full admission for your pets, however we do advise to please do call ahead, not only to reserve a spot, but as they do sometimes change their policies from time to time.

The number of Asian dog-friendly restaurants in the capital is growing with a host of high quality restaurments dotted across Central London.

First on the list is The Duck and Rice in Soho, is set in a copper tapped style pub, winner of Gold Chopsticks 2018 as the best Asian Restaurant in England. You can sit at any table in the upstairs bar area of this sleek and stylish establishment with your dog and it serves the same menu as in the main restaurant downstaits. This is refined Chinese food that takes your saturday night takeaway and turns into serious conversation point. Favourites include classic prawn sesame toast and their take on crispy shredded beef with deep caramel flavours complimented with a zing from fresh orange segments.  This venue is also top of our list because it includes several vegetarian choices such as Mock Duck and Mock Chicken that are oh so tasty! Alongside classic dim sum and steamed buns, the bar serves beer cocktails with our favourite being a take on the classic old fashioned mixed with cider.

We love that dogs are welcome at ALL tables upstairs and on any given evening you are likely to spot a few furry friends peeking out from some of the tables.

Kurobuta located both in Mayfair and Chelsea are Japanese restaurants in a tapas-style of eating; inspired in a street style setting. Steeped in the culture of izakaya, Japanese drinking dens where food is served; the restaurant takes this style as its main source of inspiration for its food. It is huge on flavours and grilling covering dishes in sumptuous sticky sauces and miso, the umami flavoured paste made from fermented soya beans. Notable dishes include: fresh podded broad beans in a crisp tempura batter with wasabi salt, black miso baked aubergine with candied walnuts and sancho pepper, japanese mushrooms with gorgonzola, pinenuts and lemon-miso dressing.

Small and medium dogs are welcome inside the restaurant, where they are served ice cold water in their own bowls. Lots of lip licking with the sumptuous selection on offer. Larger dogs can dine outside with their guests.

Oka located in Chelsea and Primrose Hill is a sushi restaurant with a pan-asian theme. Offering classic japanese sushi dishes such as the wellknown horomaki and uramaki inside-out rolls, alongside spectacular speciality rolls. Our favourites include the california inspired Dragon Rolls filled with prawn tempura, avocado and spicy mayo. Alongside these sumptuous treats are interesting twists on classic main dishes. These include: Marmite chicken – Crispy chicken stir-fried in a marmite & soy reduction, served on steamed rice with pak choy and an Trio mushrooms made with Shiitake, Oyster and Portobello mushrooms in a chilli garlic sauce served over steamed rice. All of this is with attentive service and reasonable prices.

The Primrose Hill branch located a stone’s throw from Primrose Hill park a prominent super dog friendly park in the heart of London. Four legged customers bound straight from the park gate and straight into the restaurant.

A Wong in Victoria is the first Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant with a lot of familiar sounding dishes but with a myriad of diverting twists. This is seen right out the gate with the humble prawn cracker. It is a single large piece, the size of a plate, and use to hold a tangle of finely knotted seaweed served with delicate pickles and smears of satay sauce. The silky Chengdu street tofu is more akin to custard which is served under a dressing of soy chilli, peanuts and preserved vegetable. In the evening a ‘Taste of China’ menu is available where each course is inspired by a specific region of China’s 14 international borders.

Crispy Fried French Beans with Chilli

The dog’s here are treated like royalty. We bow down to you Mr Wong!

For those looking for Thai cuisine, we can wholeheartedly recommend Suskan. Located on a cosy corner of a charming Chelsea street the restaurant is decorated with traditional Thai silk panels alongside their authentic food. Suksan has been designed to lend a relaxed atmosphere to your dining experience, seamlessly blending delicate Thai spices and flavours. This little-known place is a favourite with locals with a classic aray of Thai dishes, including soups and noodles with a great mix of seafood and veggie options. For those not looking to leave the house, the restaurant offers a takeaway service through Deliveroo.

We love how you will regularly see groups of dogs all chilling brought by their respective owners.

We hope you enjoyed the list and let us know how fantastic the food is! Leave a comment down below if you know of a little known dog friendly place you have visited and we can try to include it on our upcoming guides. We hope to create a whole host of recommendations for dog lovers that include classic British, Italian, and French restaurants; as well as our top dog friendly Afternoon Teas in the capital.

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