PetLondon Models – Profile Guide

Welcome to PetLondon Models’ Guide to creating the ultimate pet modelling profile.

This guide is for our new and existing members alike. If any cats or canines or other animals seek clarification, get your pet parent to email: or call 02075807580 to discuss further.


Pictures are the main criteria that the client will review in order to choose your animal for a particular assignment. To increase the chances of your animal(s) being selected, please follow the following guidelines.

Image 1 – Headshot A close up of your head showing their face and eyes, looking at the camera
Image 2 – Full Body Shot A picture which shows your animals full body and head in one frame, ideally scaled next to a household object
Image 3 – Outdoor Shot An image that shows your pet in a natural outdoor environment. Grass always makes an ideal setting.
Image 4 – Personality Shot This one is up to you – whether it’s a costume, special pose or favourite toy!
Image 5 to 9 – Others Further chance to showcase your pet. If you own any other animals, including group shots is great! It’s great to use your full allowance of images.


Examples Profiles

 We have selected some example profiles of animals have utilised their images and video space optimally.


The images do not need to be professional shots (although if they are this is a bonus). Please try to use clean and clear backdrops, whether a plain wall or grass.


Example: Good vs. Bad 

If file size is too large try cropping first. If this doesn’t solve the issue then compressing


Our data shows a 33% higher chance of being booked with a video clip on your animals’ profile. A clip of your pet performing tricks, obedience or showing off their personality is going to really bring their profile to life.

The easiest to add a video to your pet’s profile is a via Youtube. Make sure to capture the footage in landscape orientation.

First you will need to sign in or up for a google account which will allow you to upload to Youtube.

Then one uploaded you can then copy a link to embed a video into your pet’s profile.

How to upload a video to Youtube

  1. Go to
  2. On the top right hand side either sign in or sign up for a Google Account.

sign in YT.png

  1. One signed in, head to the Youtube homepage. Click the upload button (an upward arrow with a line under it) on the top right hand side.

Upload Unedited.png

  1. Click the “select to upload files” button ensuring to change the video to unlisted in the dropdown selection. This will mean the video will only be seen by your profile once uploaded.

Select Files


  1. Select a video file you wish to use from your computer.
  2. The video will now be uploading. Depending on internet speed and length / size of video this could take some time.
  3. One uploaded click done.
  4. Your screen will look something like the picture below. Click the Embed tab.



  1. Highlight within the “…” (Inverted commas) as seen in the picture. You want to highlight the link that starts. In this case the code for the example video to highlight is “//” – Ignore the rest of the text. See image below.

Highlight Embed

  1. Copy the highlighted text (insert example) and paste into the Youtube video part on the profile. This can be done during account set up or afterwards by logging into your pet’s profile on our site.

profile upload

11. Complete sign up or any other changes you wish to complete.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to email or call our office on 02075807580 or email

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