PetLondon Model turns dogs green with envy

On the hunt for an extra special photo shoot, Glamour Magazine recently got in touch with the team at PetLondon Models. Italian Glamour had been working on a high fashion editorial shoot with a twist and soon PetLondon’s most famous faces were trotting across London to take part in this exciting all day shoot.

First on set was Parker the Toy Poodle. Parker has been in show business since he was a pup and didn’t bat an eyelid when he was plonked into the makeup chair and painted green (with a safe, washable dye)!


Parker was joined on set by Iraida the Afghan Hound, a seasoned professional and one of our most in demand models, she is certainly no stranger to the world of high fashion. Iraida has a stunning coat and is always happy to show this off with stunning results.


Sophie the Giant Apricot Poodle came along too. Sophie is one of PetLondon’s most glamorous model and a really fashionable diva so she was perfect for this editorial shoot. Sophie knows just how to strike a pose and her beautiful shade of fur complements diamonds oh so perfectly.


Also involved was Freddie the Lhaso Apso and his sibling. This stunning doggie duo both have gorgeous flowing locks that flow down to the floor. They travel everywhere together and are beautiful examples of the breed.


A few other exotic dogs took part- they all were treated like royalty by the photographer and human models- who all loved having them on set!



The shoot was a huge success, the resulting images were in Glamour Italia December Issue. Congratulations to everyone who took part.




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