Pampered Pooches and Pet Couture: The Rise of the Pet Industry in the UK

The UK has an astounding 65 million pets- and that number keeps on rising! Almost half of all households in the country now live with an animal, so it is no wonder PetLondon has been able to establish itself as such a well loved brand.

Black Dog

British consumers are potty for their animals, whilst spending in many areas has faltered in recent years, the amount Briton’s are spending on their pets has boomed. Estimates suggest the total spending on pets in the UK for 2015 is going to reach $7 billion by Christmas, which is a record high!


The humanization of pets is a significant factor behind this growth, as increasingly pets are viewed as members of the family. Thus leading to a greater demand for high quality pet products that they can indulge their furriest family member with! Also consumers are increasingly educated about their pet’s needs- short haired breeds for example struggle as temperatures drop in the UK during the winter, and so their owners are demanding quality clothing to keep them protected. Consumers are becoming more aware of these issues, and look to both pamper and protect their pets.

The future is bright for PetLondon- as we continue to grow and look after more and more of the country’s pets.


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